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La Semana Santa en Ecuador es la conmemoración anual de la pasión, muerte y resurrección de Jesús de Nazaret. Lo más espectacular durante la Semana Santa es la procesión de Jesús, muchas personas se reúnen en las calles para observar este magnífico desfile y ser testigos de la devoción misteriosa. Durante la Semana Santa en Ecuador, toda la ciudad y las calles están llenas de color púrpura parecida a las túnicas de los “Klux Klan”. Lejos de tales motivos siniestros, las personas se visten de esta manera para representar a los pecadores y a los mártires, se los llama “cucuruchos” (que significa “cono”), su ropa es de color púrpura oscuro con capuchas de cono que cubren sus caras. Los restaurantes sirven, “Fanesca” plato típico de la temporada, se sirve una rica sopa tradicional, hecha de doce granos diferentes, cada uno representando uno de los doce discípulos de Jesús. Además, la fanesca lleva calabaza, bacalao, rebanadas de huevo duro, trozos de plátano verde, pan frito, queso y cacahuetes. Este es el plato tradicional de Semana Santa y es una tradición que reúne a familias completas en la preparación y degustación de este delicioso platillo. Como postre se sirve los deliciosos dulce de Higos, arroz con leche, empanadas de vientos, etc. Para experimentar verdaderamente la cultura y diversificación de la Semana Santa en Ecuador, venga de vacaciones, y disfrute de la maravillosa hospitalidad de su gente. Disfrute y sea parte de estas tradiciones, viva una de las tantas celebraciones que hacen único y maravilloso a este país.



What’s the Weather Like?

The infamous question of every phone conversation I have with beloved friends and family, “what’s the weather like? Is it hot?”  As simple as these questions may be, they are surprisingly difficult to answer. You see the weather of Ecuador depends on where you are. Each of the 4 regions offers a different climate and sometimes each city within a region differs in it weather compared to its neighbor. And despite being named after the equatorial line, Ecuador is not always blistering hot. More times than not, it’s a comfortable temperature with a mixture of sun and clouds. So to give you an idea of the climate, here are the current temperatures of some of the most famous cities

Puerto Lopez – 72o F (Where I live on the southern coast)

Puerto Viejo – 88o F (Onehourfrom Puerto López)

Guayaquil – 75o F (on the southern coast)

Canoa – 78o F (on the central coast)

Esmeraldas – 81o F (on the northern coast)

Quito – 62o F (at 2,850m in altitude in Sierra region)

Otavallo – 63o F (2,550m in altitude in Sierra region)

Loja – 65o F (2,060m in altitude in Sierra región)

Cuenca – 70o F (2,560m in altitude in Sierra region)

Banos – 46o F (1,820m in altitude in Sierra region, also known as entrance to the Amazon)

Napo – 85o F (in the Amazon)

Tena -85o F (in the Amazon)

Tulcán – 59o F (Northern Ecuador, known for being the coldest city in Ecuador)

GalagaposIslands – 73o F

Chimborazo Volcano – 18o F


As the numbers show, the variety in temps is enormous and answering that “simple” question of “what’s the weather like” is not so simple after all.

Now you think equator, you think sun, right? Wrong. Just how there are different seasons of  summer, spring, winter, and fall, here there are rainy seasons, and dry seasons. But again, when these seasons happen depends on where you are.  June – September is “winter” and is considered the dry season. While I agree with this because rainfall was minimum, there wasn’t a lot of sun and being a sun worshiper, I didn’t enjoy this season.  At least for us on the coast, June – September was filled with mild days, cloud cover, and slight drizzle. October – May is “Summer” or otherwise known as the wet season. Yes, rainfall definitely increased but I was ok with it because sun was plentiful. This season is also considered “la temporadaplayera” and many people vacation to the coast to take advantage of said sun. So basically to sum it up, it will be either be hot, sunny, and rainy, or mild, cloudy, and dry.  So depending on what you prefer, you can understand why the slogan for this amazing place is “All you need is Ecuador.” There is truly something for everyone.

**My inspiration for this post is the current weather of Puerto Lopez. It is now almost the end of November, which as I just showed is technically the summer with sun and rain. However, the sun has made a very slow comeback and I am a little sad and I can’t wait to be relaxing on the beach in my swimsuit once again. I am waiting for you Mr. Sun, we all are!

10 Reasons Why I Love Ecuador

10 Reasons Why I Love Ecuador


People ask me all the time why I came to Ecuador and honestly, the only thing I can say is because I hadn’t been there before. I didn’t know much about Ecuador before arriving besides that it was in South America, I didn’t need a special visa to go there, the Spanish was easy to understand, and the people were generally nice. But after living here for 2 years, I now have many reasons why I love this country and choose to make it my home. So here are 10 reasons why I LOVE Ecuador

  1. The beaches – I am from Wisconsin and I don’t care what you say, lake beaches are not the same as ocean beaches. I currently live in Puerto Lopez and every day I feel like I am on vacation. With bright afternoons that make the water the bluest of blues in color, and daily sunsets that could be on post cards, I feel like I live in paradise. That is why I moved to Puerto Lopez; I saw people living in paradise and asked myself “why can’t I live in paradise?” Goodbye snow shovel, hello sand castle.
  2. The food – You don’t know what a tomato really tastes like until you’ve tasted a tomato from here. Everything tastes better: it has more flavor, it is rich and juicy, and the best part, natural. I have never seen so many fruits and vegetables until I walked through an Ecuadorian market and wow let me tell you I sure felt stupid when I did because I didn’t know what anything was. My grade school knowledge of fruits and vegetables is still challenged every day as I continue to encounter foods that I have never seen before. But even if I don’t know what it is, I know it will be delicious.
  3. The landscapes – Amazon Jungle, Andes Mountains, Coastal Beaches, and the Galapagos Islands all in an area the size of Oregon, imagine that. In one bus ride I can literally go from seeing the highest mountain in the world (Cotopaxi) to the most virgin beach (Los Frailes) and see breath-taking views along the way. There is nowhere else in the world where that can happen. Each region is so beautiful and has so much adventure that it is impossible to ever say you are bored here.
  4. The relaxed style of life – I never realized how fast-paced my life was until I left the United States. Always with pressure to get things done, working and studying, having little time to enjoy life, family, and friends. Well here that fast paced life is not adapted by many but rather things like eating dinner every day at home, celebrating every birthday and resting if you are sick are much more valued. While I can’t lie that the “do it tomorrow” attitude does bother me sometimes because of how deeply rooted my culture and my OCD is, it has given me the chance to really reevaluate what is important in life and how important it is to enjoy life. We are not machines born to work then to die. There is a lot to enjoy in between and things that need to get done will get done.
  5. The healthy style of life – I came to Ecuador and weighed 190 pounds and thought I was pretty healthy. I ate decently, did some exercise, but I did enjoy a few chicken wings and hamburgers every now and then. After a year of living in Ecuador I was down to 150 pounds. What changed you ask? Really nothing besides the quality of food that I ate. I ate the same salads and chicken dinners but with vegetables and meat that were produced naturally and fresh. Most food that characterizes a traditional western diet comes from a global supply chain which has produced devastating effects on our economy, our health and the environment. Food here is NOT pumped full of chemicals and preservatives. It is natural, grown on local farms, consumed in the same day because there are no preservatives. I feel the difference every day as I wake up with more energy, less pain, and better skin and hair. I’m not an expert but I am a true believer that what we eat is a huge part of our health and my continuing weight loss and improved health is my evidence.
  6. The low cost of life – My friends think I am crazy when I say I earn $375 a month, but here, that $375 goes a much longer way than it would in other parts of the world. A traditional lunch in a restaurant cost $3. A 5 gallon jug of water cost $1.25. A 14 hour bus ride from the coast to the mountains cost $14. Everything is just generally cheaper. If I wanted to spend more and have a more luxurious life I could do that by buying imported items and eating only at chain restaurants but that is not my style. I live a perfectly comfortable life with everything I need and I do it all for a very low cost.
  7. The adventure – Around every corner there is adventure. I have climbed down a waterfall, swung on a swing that hangs over a cliff, zip lined through the amazon, and snorkeled with Manta Rays. And every weekend I can change what adventure I want to do. There is truly something for everyone which makes Ecuador such a desirable place. No matter who is here, they will find something they have never done before and maybe it will turn out to be something they love to do.
  8. The people – It is so refreshing to have people come up to me and talk to me with no hidden agenda. They aren’t trying to sell me something (not always), they aren’t trying to find out my gossip, they just genuinely want to talk, want to help, and are so nice. As a traveler, we often find ourselves needing help and having to ask questions and when that time comes, it can be nerve-racking because we are so accustomed to receiving the cold shoulder. But here, people are so friendly, warm and inviting that my fear of asking for directions went away almost immediately. They will invite you into their home for dinner, and tell you their stories and they look for nothing in return. I am blessed to have met everyone that I have so far.
  9. The potential and opportunity – Ecuador is a developing country which means there is a lot of room for growth. Technology and ideas that exist in other parts of the world have not found their way here yet so that leaves a lot of room for entrepreneurs like myself. I am the proud owner of Discoteca Wett and I can only see improvement and more growth in the future. It was easy to start my business and it is exciting to run. I love coming up with ideas that haven’t been done before and blowing people’s minds with something as simple as elegant decorations made from cardboard. Yes, I would say I am creative but having so much potential gives my creativity worth in this country where the market isn’t completely saturated.
  10. The welcoming atmosphere – Everywhere I ‘have gone in Ecuador I have been 100% welcomed. I know that there is major turmoil in the United States currently and it is sad to see people fighting people for being people. Ecuador and its people made me feel right at home from day one and I feel absolutely comfortable calling Ecuador my home because that is truly how it feels.


So there are my top 10 reasons why I love this country. I could go on and on but every person is different. So I invite you to visit and see why this country is so great and I bet you will find your own reasons as to why you love Ecuador!

Explore the Village of Puerto Lopez

Located in the Manabi Province, along the central coast of Ecuador, Puerto Lopez is a small coastal village that’s famous for its myriad of tourist attractions, including humpback whale watching, the scenic Machalilla National Park, and so much more.

One of the best things about Puerto Lopez is its simplicity – the village boasts a very laid-back charm, as it lacks the bustling venues and high-rise buildings found in other coastal villages. Outdoor lovers in particular, will be able to find a wide variety of stunning destinations, including beaches, reefs, hiking trails and forests.

The unique coastal town truly has something for everyone, so it can be challenging for visitors or new residents to figure out what to see or do first. LiveTheLife has prepared a list of some of the best attractions and activities you can experience in Puerto Lopez:

Humpback whale watching

Humpback whale watching is one of the main reasons why Puerto Lopez is a big tourist attraction. The best time to see these majestic giants is during the months of June to September, as this when they usually stop along the coast of Puerto Lopez.

Puerto Lopez has several licensed tour agencies that offer whale watching tours – you can find many of these offices in the town’s beach area as well as in the plaza. Tours typically last around 30 to 45 minutes and can cost about $15 to $20, depending on the season.

If you’re interested in going on a whale watching trip, LIVETHELIFE can book a guided tour for you!

Isla de la Plata

Avid birdwatchers will enjoy visiting Isla de la Plata, as the island is teeming with a wide variety of unique bird species, including Nazca boobies, frigatebirds, tropicbirds, Peruvian pelicans, waved albatrosses, and more. You can see some of these marvelous creatures while walking along Isla de Plata’s many established nature trails. You’ll be able to find tour companies that offer complete tour packages that include whale watching, guided treks, and snorkeling.

Trips from Puerto Lopez to Isla de la Plata typically cost around $30 to $45, depending on the time of the year.

Los Frailes Beach Park

Located around 10 kilometers from Puerto Lopez, Los Frailes Beach Park is a beautiful beach with spectacular ocean views and rock formations. The Los Frailes beach is the largest of three beaches included within the National Park of Machalilla.

Outdoor lovers can take an unforgettable two-hour long hike that will take you to the black sand beach of Playa Negrita, La Tortuguita beach, a lookout point surrounded by spectacular views, and finally to Los Frailes.


Foodies can choose from a huge selection of top-notch dining venues in Puerto Lopez. Many of the restaurants offer traditional Ecuadorian cuisine which you shouldn’t miss, such as ceviche, pastel de banano, corviche, and many others.

One dish you should definitely try when in Puerto Lopez however is encebollado, a delicious fish stew that’s made with yuca and served with crushed fried plantain chips. The dish is very popular in the Manabi Province, and is usually offered as a breakfast meal in either street carts or restaurants.

If you’re looking for another great place to visit in Ecuador, check out our guide to Yunguilla Valley.


2017 Economic Forecast for Ecuador and its real estate market

Here are a few updates on factors that may affect Ecuador’s economy as well as its real estate market in 2017:

More than 251,000 jobs within the next several years

Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa recently announced that several policies and investments currently being pushed by his government are designed to aid the creation of over 251,000 jobs within the coming years.

According to Correa, Ecuador will be able to raise its Industrial GDP, which is currently around 12% to 13% of its total GDP to more than 25%, thanks to improvements in infrastructure, policy decisions, and investments totaling between $27 to 28 billion.

The President stated that the government’s industrialization plans are based on factors such as quality, innovation, productivity, and the market. With this in mind, Correa predicts that the country will have multiple value-added manufacturing and service operations by 2025.

Ecuador’s trade agreement with EU

The long-awaited signing of the trade agreement between Ecuador and the European Union is expected to facilitate an increase in banana exports. The deal, which was signed on November 11, 2016, has been provisionally applied since the beginning of this year.

The neighboring Andean nations of Columbia and Peru had previously signed the agreement with the EU in 2012, and negotiations between the EU and Ecuador started in 2009.

According to Juan Patricio Navarro, Ecuador’s European representative, joining the agreement places Ecuador on equal footing with its two neighbors. He states that with increased volumes shipped to the marker along with tariff reduction, the deal will be a huge benefit for both Ecuadorian exporters and European buyers.

With this milestone deal Navarro believes that the exportation of Ecuadorian fruits such as bananas as well as exotic varieties including dragon fruit, golden berries, avocados, papayas, and granadilla are set to increase in volume substantially.

Ecuador’s healthy lifestyle and gorgeous weather attracting more and more expats

Ecuador is named for the equator, which runs right through the entire country. Due to the country’s location, Ecuadorians get to savor a day-in, day-out temperate climate, along with perfectly equal days – both daylight and nighttime last for 12 hours, every day of the year.

Combine this with incredible views of the Pacific Ocean and the enchanting Andes Mountains, a year-round growing cycle for a variety of healthy fruits, a low cost of living, and affordable real estate and you get an environment where you can live longer and happier.

When you’re living in Ecuador, you’ll likely be spending more time outdoors. Most expats in the country don’t own a car, as many of them opt to get around on foot while doing their daily chores.

As an added bonus, food in Ecuador is not only more affordable, but it’s much healthier than what you can find back home. You won’t find as much packaged or processed food, and most restaurant dishes are made from scratch, using fresh local produce.

These reasons make Ecuador one of the top retirement destinations – Cuenca alone is home to more than 5,000 expats.

Reasons to Move to Yunguilla Valley

Yunguilla Valley is fast becoming one of Ecuador’s top retirement destinations, with its relaxing countryside atmosphere, pleasant sunny weather, and stunning views of deep green farmland surrounded by mountains.

If you’re searching for an excellent place to retire, Yunguilla Valley is a wonderful choice. Here are a few great reasons why:

The pleasant climate

Geography plays a huge part in Yunguilla Valley’s pleasant climate – the area has an east to west orientation, which means it gets plenty of sunshine as well as a shorter rainy season.

The valley has an altitude of approximately 4,500 feet near Santa Isabel and around 7,000 feet close to Giron, resulting in temperatures that reach the low 80s during daytime to a pleasant high 50s to low 60s at night. With these conditions, retirees get to enjoy lower air conditioning costs, which is not common in most tropical locations.

World-class outdoor activities

If your idea of retirement is spending more time outdoors, then Yunguilla Valley is perfect. The region offers a top-notch variety of recreational activities, which include bird watching, horseback riding, and many more.

Love hiking? There’s an exceptional network of hiking trails that will take adventurers through breathtaking scenery, where you can soak up views of majestic mountains, dense forests, and spectacular waterfalls. The area also has numerous banana, coffee, papaya, and orange plantations, which tells you just how lush and fertile the region is.

Hiking with Torrin @ Yunguilla Valley area.

Quality infrastructure

Many parts of the Yunguilla Valley may be underdeveloped, especially when compared to Cuenca, but its infrastructure is top-quality compared other rural communities in Ecuador.

Residents get all necessities, including water, electricity, and telephone lines, along with numerous restaurants and entertainment venues. In addition, Yunguilla Valley residents are also less than an hour away from Cuenca, which means quality healthcare services are a short drive away.

Well-constructed and affordable real estate options

If you’re searching for a home in Yunguilla Valley, you’ll be able to find plenty of excellent options. The quality of construction in the region is superb compared to other areas in Ecuador.

Properties are very affordable as well, and many of the lots already come with necessary infrastructure (water, electricity, and phone). Even with all the modernization around the area, property values have remained relatively low, with prices that are sometimes as much as 30% less than comparable properties in other areas. And when you factor in the relaxing atmosphere and gorgeous panoramic views surrounding most of the homes, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better deal in such a beautiful location.

Fantastic investment opportunities

Yunguilla Valley is not only a terrific place to live; it’s a fantastic location for investors.

as well. The region is experiencing constant, steady growth, which will likely continue for several years. Moreover, its close proximity to Cuenca as well as the number of hotels in the valley ensures easy access to visitors as well as new residents.

Want more information? Take a look at some of our other articles and pages on Yunguilla Valley here and here.

2 Reasons to Love Whale Watching in Puerto Lopez

From June to September, the humpback whales travel from Antarctica to the warm waters of Ecuador, showing off to both tourists and locals in Puerto Lopez. Visitors from all over the world travel to Puerto Lopez to witness these beautiful animals in their natural habitat.

It’s an Experience You’ll Never Forget

Whale watching is an experience unlike anything else. Every year, two to three thousand Humpback wales travel from the cold waters of Antarctica to mate and spawn in the waters of Ecuador and Colombia. These beautiful whales can reach up to 50 feet long and they sometimes wander close to the shore, so you can see them breaking the ocean’s surface or perhaps see them leaping out of the water to create a huge splash.

You won’t understand the magnitude of these creatures until you seem them up close and in action. The whales swim slowly, at a rate of 2 km per hour, giving you plenty of time to take photos.

You Can Go on a Whale Tour

img_9029If you want to go on a whale watching tour, Puerto Lopez is one of the best spots. You can travel by boat as the local captains and tour guides show you where the best views of the whales are. Many licensed tour agencies can be found along the shore in Puerto Lopez and the trips normally last around 30-45 minutes and can cost as little as $20 per person. Since Puerto Lopez is located near Isla de la Plata, you can also take advantage of the island hopping tours. Many tour operators offer a no see/no pay guarantee as well.

Whale watching is an experience that you won’t want to miss out on. Puerto Lopez offers the best views of these amazing creatures. Hop on a whale watching tour and head out to see these animals that can reach up to 300,000 pounds.

Things to bring whale watching:

  • Binoculars – The whales are usually close enough to see, but you can see them even clearer with binoculars.
  • Rubber-soled shoes – A moving boat isn’t the best place to wear your finest shoes.  Make sure to wear rubber soles for better traction.
  • Warm Clothes or a blanket – You may want to bring your winter coat or blanket if your trip is in the colder months during spring or fall.
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses – On a hot and sunny day you will want to have sunscreen and sunglasses on to beat the sun. The sunglasses will help protect your eyes from the glare off the water and will help you see the whales even better.
  • Camera – Don’t forget to snap some shots of these beautiful, stunning whales to show all of your friends and family.

To find out about more fun and exciting things to do in Puerto Lopez, visit our blog. At LIVETHELIFE, we can turn your dream home into a realitycontact us today to get started. We look forward to partnering with you on your new home in Puerto Lopez.

The Best of Cuenca Real Estate – Beautiful Homes You Don’t Want to Miss

Coming to Cuenca is like stepping into a lovely European city, with its intricate colonial architecture and cobblestone streets. But there’s more to this mountain city than meets the eye.

Considered Ecuador’s most attractive city, it has everything you need to live well – outstanding healthcare, a burgeoning culinary scene, an established expat community, and gorgeous homes.

El Agave in Tarqui

El AgaveThis single-family home gives you pastoral views and mountain vistas. The 3,000-square-meter lot it’s situated on lends itself to gardening or open-air gatherings.

With over 600 square meters of living space, there’s enough room for you to bring your vision of your ideal home to life. The vast outdoor kitchen is perfect for when you entertain guests, and an horno – an oven made of adobe – is also available.

A bar and restaurant comes with the property, making it ideal for those who want to establish own business. A basement can be used for storage, or converted into an additional room. Vaulted ceilings improve airflow, keeping you comfortable during the warmest days.

With a central location and a price tag of only $450,000, this Cuenca home could be the right choice for you.

Villa in Paute

pauteCome home to panoramic views in this splendid villa, about 25 minutes away from Paute, Cuenca. Situated on three hectares filled with fruit-bearing trees and flowering plants, the property will appeal to anyone with a green thumb.

Harvest apples, pears, chirimoyas, avocadoes, corn, and potatoes in your own backyard, which is irrigated with an aspersion system that flows from a reservoir. There’s also enough pasture land for cattle. The perimeters are fenced off, so your privacy and safety are guaranteed.

A detached Red Barn quarters adds a touch of whimsy, and may function as a guest house or a studio. Not that the main house itself lacks space – there are four bedrooms and two deluxe bathrooms.

The large kitchen is furnished with custom cabinets and top-of-the-line appliances. The covered BBQ area is great for parties and picnics, while the fireplace is a wonderful place to gather around after a long day.

At $310,000 – still negotiable – it comes with all the accouterments of a modern home, such as efficient LED lighting, Direct TV, and excellent phone signal.

Rustic getaway in Paccha

pacchaPerched on a corner lot, this gorgeous home is surrounded by exquisite gardens and plenty of open space for outdoor activities. With more than 1,000 square meters of land, you’ll have room for a few crops and flowers.

The house itself covers about 243 square meters – enough to include a living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry area, study room, and a mini-apartment with a full bathroom – on the first floor alone. On the second level, you’ll find four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and an extra room with a lovely fireplace.

Located in a quiet town just 15 minutes away from Cuenca, the home is a steal at $250,000, with room for negotiation.

ChalluabambaChalluabamba home in gated community

This 300-square-meter home comes with luxurious finishes like tile floors, fine cabinetry, and marble countertops. Breathtaking views of the mountainside will help you unwind, while a spacious lot of about 2,000 square feet gives you plenty of space for gardening and outdoor gatherings.

If you’re looking for the kind of Cuenca home that will usher in a life of ease and comfort, give us a call at 239-848-5876 (USA), 098-316-0067 | 097-994-7640 (Ecuador) or send an email to

Ecuador’s Top Coastal Destinations – Montañita and Olón

With a coastline of over 2,200 km, Ecuador has no shortage of golden beaches and beautiful beach towns, among the most scenic of which are Montañita and Olón.

Just minutes away from each other, Montañita’s carefree hippie vibe will make you feel younger than your years, while Olón’s serene, low-key feel is ideal for families. At both, you can look forward to fine golden sand, warm waters, and friendly folk.


MontanitaBig waves, an unspoiled coastline, and an uninhibited environment await the traveler in this sunny town on the Santa Elena peninsula, about two hours away from Guayaquil’s busy port.

Montañita means “little hill” in English and the village is a surfer’s paradise and both beginners and professionals alike will enjoy the reliable surf. The waves are strong and consistent – they go as low as three feet in the summer, and up to six feet and a half between January and March.

Surfing not your thing? You’ll still have plenty to do in and around the area. Enjoy other water sports like scuba diving, jet skiing, windsurfing, and kite surfing.

Hike or ride a horse to two waterfalls – Cascasas de Alex and Cascasas de Dos Mangas – which are about eight to 10 kilometers from the beach. The Point, a mountain that lies between Montañita and neighboring Olón, is a challenging but fulfilling climb.

And let’s not forget the lively party scene. Dance clubs blast techno all night long, while DJs spin house music at beach parties. It’s a wonderful place to meet all sorts of people, including surfers who come to town for international competitions, and a sizeable expat community primarily composed of Australians, Canadians, and Americans.


While it’s just a few kilometers away from the reggae-flavored energy of Montañita, life in Olón is low-key and unhurried. If you want to slow down and get back to basics, then this idyllic town is for you. The village is largely undeveloped, and brings you closer to Ecuador’s natural beauty and the simplicity of beachside living.

Here you’ll find a small but eclectic number of bungalows, hostels, and restaurants. A boardwalk with a charming red brick esplanade is perfect for leisurely beach walks.

Ride the waves, go for a refreshing swim, or hike to nearby waterfalls – the possibilities for water sports and relaxation are endless. Olón is tucked against the Cordillera Chongón-Colonche mountain range, with the cloud forest just minutes away from the beach. Here, you can easily switch from surfing to catching a rare glimpse of the endangered great green macaw in its sylvan habitat.

Now and then you’ll be treated to the stunning sight of humpback whales or wild horses galloping on the beach.

Montañita and Olón Real Estate

These coastal towns’ real estate options include oceanfront condos, single-family homes, and parcels of land. Housing remains quite affordable and you can choose from basic cottages to homes that have all the modern comforts and conveniences.

Whether you want to enjoy the bohemian vibe of Montañita or the more low-key joys of Olón, we’ll help you make the most of your stay. Call us at 239-848-5876 (USA), 098-316-0067 | 097-994-7640 (Ecuador) or send an email to

Finding the best rentals in Yunguilla Valley

dsc00036Yunguilla Valley is located just 45 minutes away from Cuenca. This stunning region feels worlds away from the bustle of the historic city and boasts verdant green farmland and panoramic views of cloud-crowned, sun-dappled mountains. The valley is one of the most beautiful places in Ecuador, where you can enjoy being out in nature all while having modern conveniences close by. It’s no wonder the region is quickly becoming a popular option for retirees in Ecuador.

You can read more about what life is like in the Yunguilla Valley here.

At Live the Life, we can help you find the best rentals in beautiful Yunguilla Valley. Below are some of the things you’ll want to keep in mind when you’re looking for rental properties in the region.

Rental Properties in Yunguilla Valley

In general, the area has limited options when it comes to rental properties. This is because when rentals do hit the market, they are often not widely advertised and are almost always quickly snapped up.

The valley has long been very popular among locals and tourists due to its ideal location and numerous outdoor recreational options. These include world-class bird watching, horseback riding, hiking, trips to spectacular waterfalls, and more. In fact, Yunguilla Valley is the traditional vacation address of many of Cuenca’s prominent families.

Here are a few examples of the kinds of properties available for rent in the area:

  • A rustic home with a full kitchen at the base of Girón Falls close to multiple hiking trails
  • A 4-bedroom and 2-bathroom home in Yunguilla Valley with a pool
  • 1 to 3-bedroom homes located close to restaurants, shops, transport, and pharmacies
  • A spacious home on several hectares of irrigated land with large gardens and a pool perfect for vacation or retirement

While they’re in demand, these rental properties remain relatively affordable. Many have rates that start at just $400 a month. There are many other kinds of rental properties to be found in Yunguilla Valley with varying features and amenities. Whether you’re looking for a cozy cottage or an expansive home with enough room for a large family, you will find more than a few options here.

Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll help you find the property that best meets your needs. Get started today and check out our listings here.

Because few properties are going to be fully advertised, whether online or more traditionally, the best way to find rentals in the region is to keep an ear to the ground. Many people still find properties through referrals – information is often spread via word of mouth as locals usually prefer to find clients that have been vetted by their friends or family.

Rentals in Yunguilla Yalley – Ecuador Rental Properties

Don’t know anyone in the Yunguilla Valley? Get help from a local real estate expert. At Live the Life, we’ll help you locate the ideal property, negotiate the best possible terms with the owner, and close the deal with the proper paperwork. Get in touch with us today!