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Services – Ecuador Real Estate

IMG_3107If you’re looking to buy or sell property in Ecuador, we at LIVETHELIFE are the experts and will guarantee your success with the team we have in place. Our company is ready to provide real estate buyers looking for a primary home, secondary home, or investment property in Ecuador with all of the services they may need.

We understand the market and can make things quick, easy, transparent, and most of all, hassle-free when you conduct business in Ecuador. Most importantly, all of our transactions are completed by experienced attorneys that conduct title searches and guarantee that accurate title is delivered and property is registered with the local property registry.

Our $3,000 buyers agent fee includes property viewings, utility transfers, irrigation water verification, and expert price negotiations as part of assisting buyers with finding the perfect property. We won’t let you make a bad deal! $300 gets you a tour of the valley and property viewings to your specifications. When we are successful finding you that perfect property and negotiating your price, you won’t mind paying $2,700 at closing.

Relocation Services

Thinking of relocating to Ecuador? As you may know, the country has gone to great lengths to attract foreign direct investment (FDI) in various sectors, including real estate. The requirements for foreign investors are minimal, there are no restrictions when it comes to transferring profits and capital, and the fact that the country’s economy has been dollarized makes it even easier to do business here.

LIVETHELIFE provides services that help clients build a new life in Ecuador. Need help with visas and establishing residency? Our team includes immigration attorneys who will advise you on which type of visa would be best suited to your particular needs, what the requirements are, and what paperwork you’ll need to get done in your home country. We understand that this can be a confusing process, which is why we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

We can help you with everything you need when setting up a household, like purchasing furniture and other household necessities, dealing with utility services, and contacting health care providers, schools, banks, architects, designers, contractors, and household staff. We can also tackle any issues that involve local, provincial, and federal government offices.

Airport Transfers

We can provide shuttles to our accommodations from the airport to the real estate you want to look at. We’re more than happy to assist you. Just contact us so we can discuss your arrival schedule and we’ll set you up with a shuttle service that can pick you up at the airport terminal. We can also assist in booking flights and layovers from multiple airports.

Farm Fresh Delivery

Looking to eat healthy? We also deliver organic food baskets weekly. Each basket contains only the freshest produce such as beets, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, tomatoes, peppers, spices, sweet potatoes, watermelons, mangos, etc. Prices start at $68 and we deliver to Cuenca and the entire Yunguilla Valley.

Automobile Purchases

If you’re looking to purchase a vehicle, we can contact various car dealers and present you with your options, depending on your budget and preference. We’ll also assist you with insurance, licensing and registration and other processes you may encounter when buying a vehicle.

Home Watch

We provide home watch services for seasonal residents – this is a comprehensive service and includes irrigation, paying utilities, cleaning and maintenance, etc.


Your home doesn’t have to stay empty while you’re gone. We will book vacationers into your unit when you’re away in order to maintain a steady cash flow for you.


Experience up close the raw splendor of Ecuador’s forests, mountains, and beaches when you book one of our hiking tours. Ready your hiking boots! Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a casual walker, our trained guides will take you to the best spots that will let you see the best of what Ecuador has to offer.

Mountain Biking

Ecuador is a mountain biker’s off-track dream with its numerous biking trails that lead to the region’s most stunning views. If conquering some of South America’s most challenging biking trails is on your bucket list, book a tour with us and we’ll take you to where you’ll get your adrenaline fix.

Whale Watching

Get up close to the behemoths of the deep with our whale watching tours. Whales gather off the coast of Ecuador during the winter months in an annual cycle as old as time. From humpback whales to dolphins, witness these gentle giants breach the water and offer you an experience that will awe you for a lifetime.

Beach Transfers

As one of the world’s top tropical destinations, Ecuador has beaches that very few places can rival. From top beach party locales offering a unique nightlife experience, to a surfers’ paradise with big barrel waves, and even quiet and unspoiled white sand dreams, Ecuador has all that and a lot more to offer. Enjoy the convenience of our beach transfer services and hit the sand whenever you please.

High Altitude Running

Running at extreme altitudes can test your endurance to the extreme. With diverse mountainous regions, Ecuador offers new challenges for high altitude runners where they can test their stamina and fortitude to the very limit. Book your own high altitude running spree with us and see just how far and how high you can go.


Make the day when you start your new life with your one great love all the more memorable – tie the knot in one of the most beautiful locales Ecuador has to offer. Whether you’re dreaming of a beach wedding with the sun and surf or an enchanting ceremony under the trees, book your wedding with us and we’ll make your special day all the more magical.

Parties and Conventions

Do away with the usual party or convention standard when you book it with us. May it be a celebratory party or an important business convention, with our help it will surely be a successful event.


Give your soul a breather from your busy lifestyle. Book your retreat with us and choose from a selection of yoga, medicinal, and even tai-chi retreats to nurse yourself into an enlightened and peaceful mindset that is ready to take on the world once more.

Other Services

Should you require assistance with anything, we are more than happy to help you, and will address any concerns. Just give us a call using the numbers indicated on the site, and ask us about the many different services we can provide.