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Construction in Ecuador

Ecuador is more than just an adventure-seeker’s paradise. It can be the place where you finally set to work and build the home that you’ve always dreamed of having. Here at Live the Life, we’re dedicated in helping you turn your dream home from plans and blueprints into something tangible and concrete.

Over our years dabbling in Ecuador’s real estate market, we’ve built a portfolio of construction projects we’re proud to call our own. We’ve also fostered great relationships with a network of local builders, contractors, and designers to help us help you turn your dream home in Puerto Lopez and Yunguilla Valley into a reality.

New home construction in Ecuador

When it comes to building your dream home in Ecuador, Live the Life is ready to serve as your trusted partner. Get in touch with us today and lay out all your construction and design plans. At your disposal is a wide network of reputable artisans, builders, and contractors in Ecuador.

Designing your new home

If you’ve got a vision but you’ve yet to have a design plan, Live the Life can help you out. Talk to us about your lifestyle, your architectural preferences, and everything that you want in your dream home and we’ll see what we can do for you. From rustic hilltop casas to modern, minimalist housing built with local materials such as bamboo and lightweight steel, we can help you design your home down to the last finishing touches.

Building your new home

We love helping our clients realize their real estate goals. From breaking the ground to applying the very last coat of paint to your dream home, Live the Life is dedicated to give your home project every bit of attention and focus. We’ll tap into our real estate experience and connections in the building industry to give you all the details and information you need, from the cost of building a home to systems, equipment, labor, and materials.

Additional touches

Your dream home in Puerto Lopez or Yunguilla Valley won’t be complete without finishing touches. Just tell us what you want, from small and organic gardens to serene outdoor living areas and we’ll take care of it for you.

Our main goal

Live the Life prides itself for looking beyond profits. Our mission is to make your vision a reality through a smooth, reliable, and budget-friendly process. Your home building project is not just another source of revenue– we’ll make it our own personal mission to help you get settled in Ecuador.

Aside from taking care of your new home construction needs, you can also use our expertise on other construction projects such as renovations and upgrades.

Build your dream home in Ecuador

Make your real estate dreams come true. Talk to one of our representatives at Live the Life today for more information about our home construction services as well as general information about home construction (such as local materials and labor cost) in Ecuador. We can’t wait to hear from you.