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Expat Guide to Living in Yunguilla Valley

In a country that’s full of hidden gems, Yunguilla Valley is a standout. Located just 45 minutes from Cuenca, Ecuador’s “cultural heart and soul,” this 104-mile valley is becoming a popular expat destination.

The Yunguilla Valley begins just south of Cuenca and ends at the seaport city of Machalla. It enjoys a warmer climate and a very short rainy season, as even at its highest point, Yunguilla Valley is still 1,500 feet lower than Cuenca. And with its east to west orientation, the entire valley enjoys sunshine all day long.

Here, one can find an eco-friendly lifestyle and stunning views of the mountains while being in a quite accessible location. Yunguilla Valley’s potential is just waiting to be tapped.

Here are some of the many reasons why Yunguilla Valley is the perfect destination for expats:

  • Excellent infrastructure
    Although much of Yunguilla Valley is composed of open tracts of land, hardly touched by development, the infrastructure that is here is excellent. In fact, Yunguilla Valley boasts of better water quality and access, communication and power lines, as well as highly maintained highways, than other rural areas. This is largely due to the fact the region has traditionally been home to some of Ecuador’s most prominent and wealthy families.
  • Affordable real estate
    Yunguilla Valley boasts of a stunning natural setting that is the definition of rustic charm. And for such a desirable location, real estate here won’t break the bank. Yunguilla Valley’s property values are around 30 percent more affordable compared to other areas such as Vilcabamba.

    Real estate options in Yunguilla Valley often range from starter homes to farms to luxurious estates. And all of it at affordable prices. You can preview currently available real estate options in Yunguilla Valley here

  • Low cost of living
    Much like the rest of Ecuador, the cost of living in Yunguilla is very low. For starters, utilities can be under $60 a month and this includes everything: electricity, water, heat, telephone, internet. Rent is also cheap at just under $600 for multi-bedroom units. Rentals are often scarce however and are ever rarely advertised. To get a great rental property, one needs to mingle with the locals and other expats.

    Good food won’t cost you an arm or a leg either. Yunguilla has plenty of local markets where fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, and other products are sold.

  • Vibrant local attractions
    In an area as beautiful as Yunguilla Valley, the opportunities for recreation are numerous. One can go to the small town of Girón to take in the breathtaking waterfall. This area is also known for its sugarcane-based liquor that is made by locals and tours around the cane farms to see the distillation process are popular.

    There are also numerous hiking trails, guided horseback riding tours, and even world-class bird watching observation points scattered throughout the valley.

    If you are looking for excellent accommodations while exploring Yunguilla Valley, check our accommodation options here.

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