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Puyo – Gateway to the Amazon – Pastaza Province, Ecuador

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Located between Baños, and the Amazonian cities of Tena and Macas, Puyo is the commercial, cultural and political capital of the region.
Puyo sits next to the Amazon Rainforest and is a growing and prosperous city surrounded by natural beauty and filled with incredible amounts of diversity. It is known for being a great starting point for jungle tours as well as for having friendly indigenous communities who enjoy sharing their customs and traditions with visitors. It’s about one hour away further into the Amazon than the extreme sports capital of Baños however, it offers many of the same activities and tourism is a top priority. Forest reserves, animal sanctuaries, medicinal plant reserves, theme parks, adventure sports and so much more bring in visitors year-round. The whole province pretty much falls within the Amazon rainforest so this area is popular for those who are into nature, hiking, and extreme water sports like rafting. Accommodations are plentiful and all of your basic necessities are available including national banks, health centers, supermarkets, internet access, restaurants, nightlife, etc. The population has continued to rise and the area is becoming more and more popular; more and more are beginning to take notice of this gem. Real Estate in Puyo, Ecuador What’s great about this ecological paradise is that the real estate prices are astoundingly cheap. You can find properties as low as $2,500 per hectare…that’s right, you heard us, per hectare (10,000m2 = Hectare). A lot of properties also come with hidden treasures like rivers and waterfalls which are perfect for private sanctuaries, tourism ventures, or agriculture activity. Live the Life has some amazing properties in the Puyo area and we invite you to check them out. Buyers, be sure to ask us about our buyer’s assistance service and sellers contact us about how we can help you sell your property. If you have a project idea and would like to know more about financing your project, Visit our Investment Opportunity page. Contact one of our agents for more questions


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