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Cuenca Restaurants

LiveTheLifeinEcuador  | June 22, 2015

Cuenca has a diverse array of restaurants that will satisfy anyone’s appetite and craving for anything from local specialties to international cuisine. Here you can dine on Latin American classics, elegant European fare, and more. The following is a sampling of the best restaurants in the area:

La Esquina

An upscale restaurant offering dishes from rural Argentina, La Esquina’s specialty is hearty food served family-style, in traditional discos de arado, which are plow discs that are similar to cast-iron skillets. Discos with mixed meat, vegetables, or seafood called cazuela española are quite popular, and can be split between two or three people, as well as served with a side of rice or salad. La Esquina also has an extensive wine list with selections that can perfectly complement your meal.

Moliendo Cafe

Considered as one of the best little eateries in the area, Moliendo Cafe is brimming with ambience and character, from the charming decor that reminds you of the owners’ native Colombia, along with their specialty, arepas, which is a flatbread made of ground maize dough. Their arepa dishes pair well with beer or Colombian coffee, and repeat customers keep coming back for more, so the place is constantly packed with diners. Don’t forget to ring the bell on your way out to let the owners know you loved the food and the service.


Considered an institution of sorts in Cuenca, Raymipampa offers traditional Ecuadorian comfort food like locro de queso, chaulafan, ceviche, and many more. Try their almuerzo, which is an affordable three-course lunch served with soup, drink and dessert. Raymipampa’s ambience is unique, its walls adorned with old photos of Cuenca, and dinner plates and kitchen utensils are used as decorative elements. The place is extremely popular with locals and travelers and stays open late.


Located in a beautifully renovated vintage home in the Estadio area, Salvia offers a gastropub setting with unique twists on tried and tested British and Continental classics like Beef bourguignon and Sunday roast lunches, using the freshest local ingredients. The menu has limited selections, but is changed completely every month, ensuring that diners get something different each month.


Steaks, pasta, pizzas, and other hearty, delicious fare served family-style in large, ceramic hot plates are the specialties found in Tiestos Cafe-Restaurant, which was formerly known as Las Brasas de San Juan. All meals come with nearly a dozen sides including a large variety of homemade salsas, and gracious owner Chef Juan makes it a point to visit every table when he’s not hard at work in Tiestos’ huge open kitchen.

Check Out Cuenca’s 50m Indoor Pool

LiveTheLifeinEcuador  | June 10, 2015

For many, nothing beats swimming as a sport and exercise. When you plunge and dart forward into cool and refreshing waters – there is no better feeling in the world. But with Cuenca located in the highlands of Ecuador – about 2500 meters above sea level and surrounded by mountains on all sides – finding a large body of water suitable for swimming can be quite a challenge. While there are four main rivers in the area, they aren’t really ideal for swimming.


However, Cuenca does have venues perfect for swimming, in the form of public pools. Among the public swimming pools found in Cuenca are the ones at Academia Duran Duran sports center and University of Cuenca, but one of the most popular pools would be the Olympic-sized swimming pool found at the Coliseo Jefferson Perez Quezada. This sports complex was named after one of Cuenca’s greatest athletes, the race walker Jefferson Leonardo Pérez Quezada, who won two Olympic medals: a gold at the 1996 Olympics, and a silver at the 2008 Olympics. The Coliseo has numerous sports facilities, which include basketball, racquetball, tennis, and squash courts, an archery area, a rock climbing wall, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, and a diving pool.

Cuenca Pool

The 50-m Olympic-sized indoor swimming pool at the Coliseo complex, known as Piscina Olimpica, has 10 lanes. It is located in the northwestern portion of Cuenca, along Avenida 12 de Abril. The Rio Tomebamba passes behind the main structure that houses the swimming pool and the diving pool, as well as a smaller heated pool where the water temperature is about 105°F. The Olympic swimming pool is open from Monday to Sunday, mostly from 10:00am to 8:00pm. There is a small fee charged for the use of the pool, which can be paid per day, or you can buy a monthly pass for a substantial discount. Residents and tourists can also avail of swimming lessons taught by certified instructors at the Coliseo Piscina Olimpica, often at very affordable hourly rates.

Homes and Land for Sale in Puerto López

LiveTheLifeinEcuador  | June 1, 2015

Located on the central coast of Ecuador is Puerto López, a fishing village hugging a long crescent of creamy sanded bay in Manabí Province. One of the coastal communities along the famous Ruta Del Sol scenic highway, Puerto López offers a rustic, small-town atmosphere with numerous recreational opportunities. In recent years, the town has gradually turned into a favored vacation destination and potential retirement place, attracting plenty of international tourists and expats who prefer the quiet, laidback ambience that Puerto López provides.

Puerto Lopez

Aside from fishing, ecotourism is another of Puerto López’s major draws, with the town’s beautiful natural setting acting as a focal point for nature enthusiasts and environmentalists. The town is just on the outskirts of the Parque Nacional Machalilla forest preserve, with its lush vegetation, white beaches, unique wildlife, and archaeological sites. To the north is Los Frailes Beach Park, an enclosed beach area with a nature trail and three individual beaches, while a little bit off to the northwest part of the Pacific Ocean lies Isla de la Plata, often called the “Poor Man’s Galapagos.” Home to many species of sea birds, it’s surrounded by coral reefs and the waters around it offer rare sightings of whales, dolphins, turtles, and even manta rays.

Your Puerto López Real Estate Options

Homes in Puerto López are mostly single-family residences ranging from quaint cottages and beach homes to Italian-style villas and simple two-story condos. While most of the houses have that rustic architectural style that include a mix of concrete, stone, wood, thatched walls and roofing, newer homes in upcoming developments sport Spanish, Mediterranean and modern contemporary influences in design.

FOR SALE! Over 300 square meters on Puerto Lopez malecon $299,000
FOR SALE! Over 300 square meters on Puerto Lopez malecon $299,000

Click here to view properties for sale in Puerto Lopez and surrounding areas.

Should you prefer to build your dream home from scratch, you can avail of land and lots that are perfect for new construction. Most homes provide direct access to the beach and have spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, with prices that are considerably less that what you’d expect from similar homes found in the United States.