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Puerto López Ecuador

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Home to around 16,000 inhabitants, this small seaside fishing village on the Pacific coast of Ecuador is filled with beautiful people, delicious food, and exquisite beaches. This warm and inviting community is always infused with a happy beachside vibe and atmosphere, as most of the people who flock to Puerto López are here to do nothing but relax, catch some rays, and enjoy the beach.

Things to Do
During the months of June to October, Puerto López is a popular site for humpback whale watching. These whales drop by yearly to mate and breed, fascinating people of all ages with their massive size and acrobatic movements. IMG_0508Many tour agencies in Puerto López offer great services where you can go on whole-day tours that have whale watching. But if you’re on a budget, you can also ask one of the many fishermen in the area who’ll be more than happy to have you on their boat and take you to see the giant creatures.

Another popular attraction near Puerto López is Isla de la Plata (“Island of Silver”), a small island off the coast of Manabi, Ecuador. The island got its name from being a pirate hideout in the past. A variety of animal species can be seen on Isla de La Plata, including several species of booby, the South American sea lion, and the pantropical spotted dolphin, among others.

At Puerto López, there is never a shortage of outdoor activities. Scattered in and around this scenic beachfront community are plenty of trails to hike on, forests to explore, beaches to laze around in, and coral reefs to admire.

Puerto López Ecuador Real Estate and Homes for Sale

Wonderful real estate choices are available for those looking for a home in Puerto López. There’s a variety of homes here – wonderful villas with a panoramic view of the bay, cozy two-bedroom apartments with an ocean-view terrace, and spacious single-family homes that have access to your very own piece of the beach all exist in this absolutely stunning piece of paradise in Ecuador.