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Things to Do in Ecuador

There are plenty of amazing things to do in Ecuador. Most people look at the country as a destination for unforgettable outdoor adventures. Many often overlook the tons of fantastic tours, shopping, dining and enjoyable events and activities that it offers. Live the Life can accommodate tours such as hiking, bird watching, mountain biking, beach transfers, whale watching, retreats, weddings, parties, running at altitude etc.

Activities – Living in Ecuador

Ecuadorian cuisine is absolutely terrific. Some of the best seafood dishes can be had in Ecuador. The ceviche – fresh, raw fish marinated in citrus juices, spiced with peppers, and topped with ingredients like onions and cilantro, is a very popular dish, especially in areas around the coast. Aside from seafood, there’s a variety of exotic dishes as well for the more adventurous diners. The cuy, which is roast guinea pig, is a favorite in the Andes, and is served at both small stalls along streets, and at fine dining establishments.

When it comes to shopping and entertainment, Ecuador has an abundance of shopping centers, stores, and markets where you can spend endless hours looking for treasures. There are lots of festivals and big celebrations happening in different cities throughout the year too, if you’d like to join the locals and experience more of the Ecuadorian culture.

Below is a quick list of just a handful of the wonderful destinations to visit and some of the festivities you can join in at Ecuador:

• Corvina Don ‘Jimmy’ Restaurant (Mercado Central, Pichincha, Quito) – A great, affordable place to get some of the finest, fresh ceviche and some excellent fried corvina.

• Carnaval (Throughout Ecuador) – Parades and parties take place in the streets during the Easter season. Enjoy some native Ecuadorean music, dance, and cuisine.

• Pas del Niño Parade (Cuenca) – A fun Christmas Eve celebration of thanksgiving that combines Ecuadorean culture with Catholic traditions.

• Mama Negra Celebrations (Latacunga City) – This celebration takes place in November, and is often compared to New Orleans’ Mardi Gras. It is a parade bursting with colors that attracts both locals and visitors.

• Otavalo Market (Otavalo) – A great place to get some colorful, handcrafted textiles such as blankets, table runners, wall hangings, handbags, and sweaters.

• Mall del Rio (Cuenca) – Cuenca’s largest mall that has lots of great clothing shops, electronics stores, restaurants, and cinemas.

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