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Financing Your Property in Ecuador

Anybody from around the world can purchase property in Ecuador.  When it comes to foreign investment, there aren’t many restrictions, apart from some territories near the country’s borders.  If you arrive in Ecuador with a valid visa and passport, you virtually have the same legal rights as Ecuadorian citizens, allowing you to purchase real estate with ease.

However, while anyone is able to purchase property, finding funding is not be so easy to come by.  The Ecuadorian mortgage market is growing, but it is still in its infancy as compared to, for example, the US’.  Banks are reluctant to give out long-term, high-debt loans and interest rates are usually pretty high.

This is why Live the Life provides financing on all of our properties!  We offer secure funding with low interest rates on easy to manage plans; we don’t want anything getting in the way of your dream home.  A typical property of ours, for example, would be priced at around $120K to $150K.  With a down payment of $60k to $75K that leaves the other half to be financed.  $75k financed at 6.98% percent amounts to just $576 per month.  Combined with incredibly low property taxes and freedom to decide if you want insurance or not, owning a home in Ecuador is extremely affordable.

Live the Life wants to make your home buying process easier and we are ready to discuss the financing options available to you!  If you have questions or would simply like to discuss our services some more, get in touch with us today!

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Investing in Ecuador Real Estate

In recent years, the country’s housing market has been attracting a great deal of attention from international investors and retirees and has been described as “supercharged” by The New York Times. Apart from the ease of buying, the primary draws for international investors are:

    • Value for Money. Compared to other South American countries and the United States, real estate in Ecuador is significantly more affordable. Your dollar will go a long way here and the housing stock is generally of good quality as well. As for property taxes, they are considerably lower than the US’ and the country has no impact fees.
    • Cost of Living. While the economy in Ecuador has been improving, the cost of living has remained low – this includes everything from utilities to healthcare to dining out.
    • Economic Growth. Ecuador is a model for inclusive economic growth in the region. The economy here has been expanding consistently over the past few years and it’s a trend that’s projected to continue well into the future, particularly since the country has been investing heavily in infrastructure.
    • Hard Assets. Considering the devaluation of paper currency, smart investors have been opting to invest in hard or fixed assets instead – and there’s no better investment than irrigated land in Ecuador that’s ideal for food production, particularly as the price of food increases due to the severe drought in the western US.