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Cuenca, Ecuador – Why Americans are Moving and Retiring There

Plenty of Americans, from young travelers to retirees seeking for new adventures, are flying to the city of Cuenca. Some of them have moved on to seek new destinations, but a significant number of these Americans have also opted to stay in Cuenca– for good. We’ve come up with a list of a couple of things that will shed light on why more Americans are moving and retiring to this famed culture capital.

  • Ecuador was hailed as the best place to retire by International Living back in 2015.

    Although it’s been two years since Ecuador topped the lists of retirement havens in the world, the country remains as an ideal place to enjoy your golden and twilight years. For an incredibly affordable price, you can enjoy culture, great food, a variety of recreational pursuits, and outstanding retirement care in Ecuador. As the folks at International Living have said, Ecuador provides “the best bang for your buck.”

  • The good life is inexpensive in Ecuador.

    This South American nation hails one of the lowest costs of living in the region. Retirees can easily double or triple their money’s worth in Ecuador, as day-to-day living in the country costs significantly lower than in North America. This extends to real estate options– you can rent a comfortable home on a spacious lot somewhere for as low as $500 a month.

  • The Ecuadorian government is generous to retirees.

    No matter your nationality, every retiree in Ecuador is entitled to receive a slew of government benefits. This includes generous discounts on a variety of utilities, including electricity, water, phone service, and even property taxes. Seniors also get to pay less for many other things, such as public transit, as well as cultural and sporting events. For American retirees, taxes won’t be deducted off your Social Security income.

  • Excellent healthcare for cheap.

    It’s easy to stay healthy and in good shape in Ecuador, as a visit to a general practitioner will only set you back about $30– cheaper than what it would normally cost in the United States. Meanwhile, medication is not an issue, as medicine in Ecuador is also priced low. To top it all off, Ecuador is home to a number of state-of-the-art medical facilities where you can get medical advice or treatment from well-trained experts.

  • Ecuador real estate is among the most affordable in South America.

    As a retiree in Ecuador, you’ll be presented with dozens upon dozens of real estate opportunities in top markets, including Cuenca. Although property values and prices are slowly increasing in Ecuador, the real estate here still ranks as one of the most affordable in the region. For an approximately $150,000, you can purchase a single-family home in a lot of significant acreage.

Another reason why Ecuador is a prime retirement destination is the country offers a wealth of recreational activities, from arts and culture excursions to exciting activities deep within the Ecuadorian wilderness.

Live the Life is dedicated to help you live the life of wonder you’ve always wanted in Ecuador. Check our Expat Guide for more information about living as an expat retiree in Ecuador.