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2 Reasons to Love Whale Watching in Puerto Lopez

LiveTheLifeinEcuador  | November 23, 2016

From June to September, the humpback whales travel from Antarctica to the warm waters of Ecuador, showing off to both tourists and locals in Puerto Lopez. Visitors from all over the world travel to Puerto Lopez to witness these beautiful animals in their natural habitat.

It’s an Experience You’ll Never Forget

Whale watching is an experience unlike anything else. Every year, two to three thousand Humpback wales travel from the cold waters of Antarctica to mate and spawn in the waters of Ecuador and Colombia. These beautiful whales can reach up to 50 feet long and they sometimes wander close to the shore, so you can see them breaking the ocean’s surface or perhaps see them leaping out of the water to create a huge splash.

You won’t understand the magnitude of these creatures until you seem them up close and in action. The whales swim slowly, at a rate of 2 km per hour, giving you plenty of time to take photos.

You Can Go on a Whale Tour

img_9029If you want to go on a whale watching tour, Puerto Lopez is one of the best spots. You can travel by boat as the local captains and tour guides show you where the best views of the whales are. Many licensed tour agencies can be found along the shore in Puerto Lopez and the trips normally last around 30-45 minutes and can cost as little as $20 per person. Since Puerto Lopez is located near Isla de la Plata, you can also take advantage of the island hopping tours. Many tour operators offer a no see/no pay guarantee as well.

Whale watching is an experience that you won’t want to miss out on. Puerto Lopez offers the best views of these amazing creatures. Hop on a whale watching tour and head out to see these animals that can reach up to 300,000 pounds.

Things to bring whale watching:

  • Binoculars – The whales are usually close enough to see, but you can see them even clearer with binoculars.
  • Rubber-soled shoes – A moving boat isn’t the best place to wear your finest shoes.  Make sure to wear rubber soles for better traction.
  • Warm Clothes or a blanket – You may want to bring your winter coat or blanket if your trip is in the colder months during spring or fall.
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses – On a hot and sunny day you will want to have sunscreen and sunglasses on to beat the sun. The sunglasses will help protect your eyes from the glare off the water and will help you see the whales even better.
  • Camera – Don’t forget to snap some shots of these beautiful, stunning whales to show all of your friends and family.

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3 Fun Facts About the Beaches in Puerto Lopez

LiveTheLifeinEcuador  | November 17, 2016

Puerto Lopez is a great spot for vacationing to some of the most beautiful beaches in Ecuador. With some of the most beautiful sights in the world, Puerto Lopez attracts people from all over the world to its stunning beaches. Let’s take a look at four fun facts about the beaches in Puerto Lopez.

#1. Puerto Lopez Beach Has It All

Puerto LopezWhen you visit Puerto Lopez beach, you can visit the Machalilla National Park for boat tours to go whale watching or dive tours to Isla de Plata and Salango. The calm waters make for a great swimming and snorkeling spot for children and a few hostels have boards to rent for beginner surfers. There are also plenty of places to eat seafood near or on the beach.

With Puerto Lopez priding itself on being an eco-friendly city, many of the hotels use organic materials to maintain beautiful grounds while also protecting the environment. The fishermen in Puerto Lopez haul in the day’s catch around 6:00 am – 7:00 am every morning. You’ll certainly enjoy the culture and the beautiful sandy beaches shaded by tall palm trees.

#2. Salinas is Often Compared to South Beach

This beach in Puerto Lopez is often compared to South Beach in Miami, Florida. With its white sandy beaches and plenty of activities going on, you are sure to be entertained in this popular spot. There are restaurants, cafes and plenty of bars to grab a drink in.

Make sure to visit Banos de San Vicente for a famous thermal bath. This beach is one of the most popular spots for tourists to visit and there are always events happening on and around the beach for you to embed yourself into the local social scene.

#3. People Drive Their Cars Right Onto the Beach

Puerto Cayo is a large beach in the area in the front of the Malecon, located in a lush and tropical location with palm trees lining the beach. It can be found on the northern border of the Machalilla National Park. Puerto Cayo is so broad that people drive their cars right onto the beach to unload all of their beach supplies.

The waters are full of fish and many restaurants offer these “catches of the day” as specials on their menus. In front of this beach is the small island of Islote Pedernales, where some coral can be found. The water between the mainland and the island is not very deep. On calm days it is fun to snorkel and dive.

There is also a growing retirement community in this location and several beachfront developments are under construction Puerto Cayo. Puerto Cayo offers some of the most breathtaking ocean-view sunsets.

Take a look at our blog “Swimming – Living the Life in Ecuador” to find out more information on the beaches in Puerto Lopez. Be sure to contact us to discuss investment opportunities in the area and to get acquainted with all that Puerto Lopez has to offer you.

4 Business Opportunities in Puerto Lopez

LiveTheLifeinEcuador  | November 10, 2016

Cocoa Beans and Fruits EcuadorPuerto Lopez is one of the most beautiful cities in the entire world. Nestled in the quant and scenic country of Ecuador, Puerto Lopez offers both locals and tourists vast opportunities to establish and grow businesses in a thriving economy.

Here are four business opportunities in Puerto Lopez for anyone looking to build a business in a welcoming and vibrant community.

#1. Hospitality

With a booming tourist destination like Puerto Lopez, the hospitality industry is one business that will guarantee success. From amazing jungle lodges, five-star resorts and serene bed and breakfast homes, there are plenty of business opportunities in the hospitality industry in Puerto Lopez.

With people flocking to the area to enjoy scuba diving, sport fishing, snorkeling and the naturally beautiful islands where humpback whales frequent the coast in the summer months, there is ample opportunity to invest in opening up a hotel or lodging location for tourists and locals alike. With the low cost of land and living in Puerto Lopez, opening and maintaining a hotel or bed and breakfast would guarantee a return on your investment.

#2. Palo Santo

The Palo Santo industry makes products used in folk medicine form the heartwood of trees. The production of Palo Santo oil, incense and scented soaps is a huge driver the economy in Puerto Lopez. The product is made from the wood of dead trees as to help end deforestation and keep the community full of luscious plant life and trees. This industry not only is profitable, but also gives back to the Puerto Lopez community.

#3. Cacao Farming

Dive into the business of cacao farming to produce chocolate bars, nibs and brownies. With plenty of sources and supplies available in the area, Puerto Lopez offers those looking to venture into the cacao farming business plenty to work with to become established. There is currently a French-Ecuadorian couple that owns Pacha Chocolate Boutique and gives chocolate tours and uses regionally harvested cacao to make the bars. As you can see, there is a well-established market for cacao farming in the area and plenty of room for growth in the industry.

#4. Real Estate
Investing in real estate in Puerto Lopez allows you to enjoy tax benefits, diversifies your portfolio, and enters you into a worldwide booming market. One of the benefits of investing in real estate in this community is that if you live in a property for two years, it becomes your primary residence and you get substantial capital gain tax deductions.

The government also allows you to deduct travel expenses from your taxable income. Real estate costs in this area are low compared to countries like the United States and Europe making it a great industry to enter in Puerto Lopez. Learn more about the advantages of investing in real estate in Ecuador here.

Explore Puerto Lopez Real Estate

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The Best of Cuenca Real Estate – Beautiful Homes You Don’t Want to Miss

LiveTheLifeinEcuador  | November 3, 2016

Coming to Cuenca is like stepping into a lovely European city, with its intricate colonial architecture and cobblestone streets. But there’s more to this mountain city than meets the eye.

Considered Ecuador’s most attractive city, it has everything you need to live well – outstanding healthcare, a burgeoning culinary scene, an established expat community, and gorgeous homes.

El Agave in Tarqui

El AgaveThis single-family home gives you pastoral views and mountain vistas. The 3,000-square-meter lot it’s situated on lends itself to gardening or open-air gatherings.

With over 600 square meters of living space, there’s enough room for you to bring your vision of your ideal home to life. The vast outdoor kitchen is perfect for when you entertain guests, and an horno – an oven made of adobe – is also available.

A bar and restaurant comes with the property, making it ideal for those who want to establish own business. A basement can be used for storage, or converted into an additional room. Vaulted ceilings improve airflow, keeping you comfortable during the warmest days.

With a central location and a price tag of only $450,000, this Cuenca home could be the right choice for you.

Villa in Paute

pauteCome home to panoramic views in this splendid villa, about 25 minutes away from Paute, Cuenca. Situated on three hectares filled with fruit-bearing trees and flowering plants, the property will appeal to anyone with a green thumb.

Harvest apples, pears, chirimoyas, avocadoes, corn, and potatoes in your own backyard, which is irrigated with an aspersion system that flows from a reservoir. There’s also enough pasture land for cattle. The perimeters are fenced off, so your privacy and safety are guaranteed.

A detached Red Barn quarters adds a touch of whimsy, and may function as a guest house or a studio. Not that the main house itself lacks space – there are four bedrooms and two deluxe bathrooms.

The large kitchen is furnished with custom cabinets and top-of-the-line appliances. The covered BBQ area is great for parties and picnics, while the fireplace is a wonderful place to gather around after a long day.

At $310,000 – still negotiable – it comes with all the accouterments of a modern home, such as efficient LED lighting, Direct TV, and excellent phone signal.

Rustic getaway in Paccha

pacchaPerched on a corner lot, this gorgeous home is surrounded by exquisite gardens and plenty of open space for outdoor activities. With more than 1,000 square meters of land, you’ll have room for a few crops and flowers.

The house itself covers about 243 square meters – enough to include a living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry area, study room, and a mini-apartment with a full bathroom – on the first floor alone. On the second level, you’ll find four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and an extra room with a lovely fireplace.

Located in a quiet town just 15 minutes away from Cuenca, the home is a steal at $250,000, with room for negotiation.

ChalluabambaChalluabamba home in gated community

This 300-square-meter home comes with luxurious finishes like tile floors, fine cabinetry, and marble countertops. Breathtaking views of the mountainside will help you unwind, while a spacious lot of about 2,000 square feet gives you plenty of space for gardening and outdoor gatherings.

If you’re looking for the kind of Cuenca home that will usher in a life of ease and comfort, give us a call at 239-848-5876 (USA), 098-316-0067 | 097-994-7640 (Ecuador) or send an email to