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Ecuador – The World’s Best Places to Retire

Ranked No. 1 in International Living’s 2015 Annual Global Retirement Index, Ecuador has been named the world’s top retirement haven because it provides “the best bang for your buck.”

The magazine weighed factors such as cost of living, health care, climate, and more to come up with their ranking.

Retiring in Paradise – Ecuador Retirement

Ecuador is defined by diversity and boasts an excellent quality of life. Bask in the sun on the beaches on the Pacific coast, discover towering rainforests, breathe in the clean, refreshing air of the Andes.Retiring in Ecuador is retiring in a slice of paradise itself.

Apart from its natural beauty, Ecuador has so much more to offer as a retirement destination:

    • Low cost of living
      In Ecuador, retirees can extend their nest egg to double or even triple its worth. And this is because of Ecuador’s low cost of living. Day to day living costs only a fraction of what it would cost in North America.For example, a three-course lunch will only cost you $2.50. The rent for a three-bedroom home on a large lot in Lentag can be as low as $400 a month. In Ecuador, a couple could live comfortably enough on $1,400 a month.
    • Generous government benefits
      Retirees, no matter their nationality, enjoy numerous government benefits in Ecuador. Seniors 65 and older get 50% off on water, electricity, airfare,phone service, and public transit. Even tickets for cultural and sporting events are half off for seniors.Property taxes, which are already low, also get discounted for people 65 years and older. Another perk that seniors enjoy is eligibility for refunds on a substantial part of the 12% sales tax. And if you’re an American expat retiree, your Social Security income won’t be taxed.
    • Affordable and excellent healthcare
      Healthcare in Ecuador costs only a fraction of what it would in the US. A visit to a general practitioner will only cost up to $30. A routine dental procedure will max up at $20. Medication is also significantly cheaper. This is on top of the excellent and world-class medical facilities found throughout the country. Retirees can expect to get personal attention from medical practitioners for their treatments, checkups, and other concerns.


  • Excellent real estate options
    The real estate options in Ecuador are among the best in South America. Even with the slowly rising prices, it is still considered the most affordable in the region. The most desirable of properties such as an oceanfront condo or a house on ¼ acre parcel of land can be had for less than $150,000.You’ll find these in equally desirable locations. Head to the expat’s favorite city, Cuenca, the beautiful Yunguilla Valley, the mountain capital Quito, the charming, walkable city of Loja, and more. Other choices include coastal towns such as Bahía de Caráquez, Vilcabamba, and Cotacachi. The options are numerous, gorgeous, and diverse.
  • Numerous recreational pursuits
    Ecuador does not shortchange when it comes to recreation. The country’s varying topography allows access to numerous pursuits. Whether its popular high-adrenaline activities such as mountain biking, zip-lining, and hiking, to more relaxing options such as fishing, wandering about the cobblestone streets of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, or exploring the cuisine one plate at a time, the sheer diversity of activities is guaranteed to fit any definition of fun.

Retire in Ecuador – Ecuador Real Estate

Many retirees have found Ecuador to be full of fresh experiences. Every day is an adventure – and there’s no better way to spend your golden years than this.