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About Us

Ecuador is rife with so much potential – not just as a top tourist destination, but as a second home for anyone who wants to live a life that is full of adventure and excitement, rooted in the simple joys of the everyday. In Ecuador, you can truly live life to the fullest.

This is what our founder Torrin Brauch has found in Ecuador and it’s what he and the rest of our team want to help you discover for yourself. Torrin has purchased 15+ acres of land and is now transforming it into a premier destination for people of all ages who want to explore what Ecuador has to offer, from its stunning sights and sounds to investment opportunities of the best kind.

This is Live The Life!

With two offices in the region, one in Lentag and another in Puerto Lopez, Live The Life offers a variety of services for everyone from the casual tourist to the extreme property investor.

From hiking and trail runs to bird watching and even whale watching, along with a whole host of other activities, Live The Life can help with everything from booking trips to ensuring that you have the right accommodations. Our goal is to make your stay here as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

If you want to explore investment opportunities, Live The Life can help you from start to finish and beyond. We provide relocation services, advice on residency concerns, and help with setting up your new household. As a licensed real estate company, we know the ins and outs of Ecuador’s real estate process and its different markets and we’ll make it all the easier for you to enjoy your new life here.

Ecuador offers so much, with its great food, amazing culture, and unrivaled biodiversity. Then there are its low tax rates, affordable real estate, smaller government, and vastly untapped potential – in Ecuador, you can definitely Live The Life!


Real Estate License #6/478

USA/Whatsapp: +1 239 848 5876
Facebook Messanger: Torrin Brauch


Puerto Lopez Office

Located in Goodtimes at El Mirador
Rooftop Bar & Ocean View Condos
Calle 5, El Mirador, 550 meters East of the Centro de Salud

ECU Phone: 097 994 7640
USA Phone: +1 239 888 0810


Yunguilla Valley Office

Located at the Live the Life Lodge

Downtown Lentag, at KM 54.820 on the main highway (Giron Passage)
Please contact us at the info above for inquiries



“Hello, my name is Torrin Brauch. I am from Fort Myers Beach, Florida. I discovered Ecuador when my neighbor Brady mentioned his cousin Christie was building a house in Ecuador. We decided to come check it out. The country fascinated me and I ended up purchasing a house on five acres of irrigated property with a river, mature fruit trees, and a natural spring. I still live there today and have constructed a 16-unit Ecolodge with gymnasium, sauna, steam room, and beautiful gardens. This property serves as accommodations for people that want to explore Ecuador, take tours, or look for investment opportunities. It is located in Lentag at an altitude of 5100 feet which is perfect for growing everything.

Ecuador has captivated me with its landscapes, biodiverse plants, birds, and animals that I didn’t even know existed. My health has improved by removing myself from the polluted GMO food supply. I feel great about getting closer to nature and my food supply. Ecuador offers many benefits to retirees in addition to the conservative lifestyle with lower taxes. LivetheLife offers our organic food delivery in Lentag and Cuenca that is grown in a greenhouse on its own 15 hectare farm in the Yunguilla Valley. I love the people of Ecuador and have found them to be very welcoming. Come on and adventure and Live The Life!”

– Torrin Brauch