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Meet Gina Ambrosi

Each month at Live the Life we like to share stories of those who have found their little piece of paradise here in Ecuador. By hearing their stories, you may find inspiration for your own. Gina Ambrosi is a proud mother of two and Ecuadorian native but will soon be starting her own business that will help both locals and expats. From things like wood and chocolate to real estate and hotels, Gina takes pride in her country and loves sharing its beauty with others. Here is why Gina is living the life!

We first met Gina back in July when she visited us in our Puerto Lopez office. Right away we knew that she was going to be an amazingly interesting person who shared the same passion for life as we did. She had a lot of experience, a lot of great things to say about Ecuador, a radiant energy, and she loved living her life, something we are definitely all about!

Gina’s background is an extensive one but she has always worked closely with expats and foreigner operated business. The wood industry is where she began when she moved back to Ecuador after studying in the U.S. for four years. As an Ecuadorian native, her family had been working with wood for more than 30 years and Gina joined in to help. She worked in project management, real estate organization, and administration and it all helped her to later accept a position as a manager of an expat run company that worked mining operations in Ecuador.

Eventually, mining projects finished and Gina found herself looking for something new to do. She wanted people to love Ecuador as much as she did and she wanted to be able to take her career into her own hands. She remembered how much everyone in the US loved their Ecuadorian gifts that she had brought them when she visited and an idea came to her that sparked a new passion within.

Made in Ecuador

You might be thinking “souvenir shop?” but this is not that. What Gina had in mind was a business where both tourists and residents can enjoy, buy, and learn about Ecuadorian products and services. Tourists can get their artisan gifts, retirees can learn about retirement benefits, investors can find profitable ventures, builders can learn about local materials, and Ecuador can continue to prosper. Enjoy a cup of Yunguilla Valley coffee while eating chocolate from Mindo all while learning about the real estate market on the coast and the teak wood from the forest used by the Live the Life construction team.

May people still think Ecuador is a third world country that lacks and this simply is not the case anymore. Gina wants to help people discover how great Ecuadorian commerce is and how great life can be here. Gina knows how things work in her country and she enjoys sharing her wisdom. Kind people like her make life for expats even that much better. She is a fountain of information and we are lucky to have her in our tribe. She will be getting her storefront up and running shortly at El Mirador de Turi and in the mean-time helping Live the Life clients in the Cuenca and Yunguilla Valley areas.