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Guided Tours


Guests thinking about visiting some of Ecuador’s spectacular destinations can have their trip arranged right here at the lodge.

Live the Life Lodge is located very close to the El Chorro Waterfalls of Giron, one of the most beautiful locations in the country. Hiking to the falls is an unforgettable experience. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking – you’ll get amazing views of the falls throughout the trail, so make sure you bring a camera. Visitors can go for a short hike to the base of the falls or a more challenging climb that will take you right to the top.

Laguna de Busa Tour

Breakfast at the Live the Life Lodge, then a scenic drive to Lake Busa through the Dairy Farm Lands of La Asuncion and San Fernando at the Top of the Yunguilla Valley.

Hike around Lake Busa and take in the beautiful Flora and Fauna of the Ecuadorian Highlands.*
Return to Lodge for Lunch and a soak in the jacuzzi.

*Add in a climb of the Mountain of San Pablo that towers above the lake and admire the unobstructed 360^ view. Additional charge $10

Live The Life Food Forest Organic Farm Tour

“We are increasingly disconnected from nature, and in particular, from the sources of our food. Today, many of the foods that characterize a typical Western diet come from a global supply chain, which has produced devastating effects on our economy, our health, and the environment.” There is little to be seen of fresh, organic, natural foods anymore and as we continue to ignorantly eat, our bodies and our world continue to worsen.

It’s time for change.

-Seeds of Change

Sitting on 15 hectares of land , the Food Forest Organic Farm has countless varieties of crops that are grown without chemical fertilizers, without synthetic pesticides, and without genetic modification. We are passionate about our food. We want to share our love and knowledge about farming with others. We want everyone to experience the many benefits that come with eating organically just as we have experienced. Take a tour of our farm and learn the ins and outs of the process we use to cultivate these naturally delicious fruits and vegetables. Tours can be accommodated for any group size. Pick all the food you want to eat while on the tour and then bring some back with you to make a healthy juice that will improve your health, increase your energy, and strengthen your immune system. Let’s start treating our bodies how they deserve to be treated!

Tours run every Monday and on weekends by reservation.

Contact or call 099 465 1067 to schedule your tour.

El Chorro De Girón

Exploring Ecuador’s natural beauty and improving your health in the process!

Picture a wondrous forest made up of tree, rock and earth. Above it wheels the expansive blue sky, often flocked with clouds. And in the center of it all, pulsating gossamer threads of silver and white. The roar of the crashing water, which rushes down the face of the mountains from a height of over 1500 feet, can be heard from far away.

Imagine that scene. Don’t you feel the urge to put yourself in it? If you’re in the Yunguilla Valley area and are staying at the Live the Life Lodge & Health Center, you definitely want to experience the breathtaking natural wonder that is the Chorro Falls up close.

El Chorro Falls in Giron are located just 20 minutes from the Life the Life Lodge & Health Center in Giron. Your day tour starts with breakfast at 8am. You’ll arrive to the base of the falls around 9:30 where you can choose between an easier hike for those looking to stroll or an intermediate hike for those who want a little more adventure. After lunch, bring out your inner-thrill seeker with a ride on the Zip Line before you head back to The Lodge. Once you return, relax and unwind with cocktails at 4:00pm and dinner at 6:00pm. Prices vary and depend on size of group but no matter how big or small, El Chorro Falls Tour is a must in order to make your trip complete.

It’s time for adventure. It’s time to explore Ecuador.

Contact or call 099 465 1067 for more information about scheduling your stay at Life the Life Lodge & Health Center and your tour of El Chorro en Giron

Other Tours

We also arrange tours and trips to other destinations such as:

• The Complejo Arqueologico of Carachula above Santa Isabel
• The markets of Giron and Santa Isabel