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Yunguilla Valley

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Located just 45 minutes away from Cuenca (the city hailed as the “cultural heart and soul” of Ecuador) is the quiet and peaceful Yunguilla Valley. This east-west stretch that extends all the way to the Ecuadorian coastline has an elevation that ranges from 4,500 feet (starting on the Santa Isabel side) to as high as 7,000 feet (on the Girón side). In Yunguilla Valley, locals and tourists get to enjoy mild and warm weather as well as plenty of sunshine due to its east-west orientation.

Frequently referred to as a more accessible alternative to the more remote Vilcabamba, Yunguilla Valley is a very special place with its own unique beauty and charm.

Things to Do in Yuinguilla Valley

Hiking with Torrin @ Yunguilla Valley area.

Hiking with Torrin @ Yunguilla Valley area.

Nature lovers will love Yunguilla Valley with its extensive network of outstanding hiking trails. Some of the trails lead to waterfalls (some hidden) and gushing rivers, while you can also take the trail and hike into cloud forests. Avid birdwatchers get to observe both endemic and migratory birds as the valley as a whole offers many great birdwatching opportunities.

The town of Girón, with its abundance of banana and papaya trees, is located 7,000 feet up in the valley and has an almost Alps-like atmosphere. Charming little homes dot the valley landscape, where the shadows of the great Ecuadorian Andes loom in the distance. Girón is home to friendly and warm people who will help make a simple walk around the village interesting.

If you’re not up to getting your shoes wet and dirty, relaxing in a farm or a charming house up in the valley is also a great way to spend the time. Take a break from the noise and chaos of Cuenca and breathe the clean air of Yunguilla Valley. Yunguilla Valley has several establishments that offer a variety of services to locals and visitors.

Real Estate and Homes for Sale in Yunguilla Valley

Yunguilla Valley is where many people of means from Cuenca have built their vacation homes and estates. As such, there’s a prevalence of exclusive properties in the area – you’ll still find affordable real estate here though. Yunguilla Valley has plenty of housing options that come in a wide range of price points. Compared to Vilcabamba, land prices in Yunguilla Valley are often considerably lower. Relatively affordable land plus great highland views equals unbeatable value for your money.