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It has been over a year of stress and change, for most of the world.
Plans have been derailed, goals have changed, life has become apparently more constrained and our bodies have mostly gotten under a huge amount of stress.
And it seems as though no end is in sight, although there are a lot of rainbows in the midst of the dark clouds.
Since all the turmoil began, I became busier than I ever was, and I tended to break my promises to my body to give it a break.
So when I spotted a small window of opportunity where I could take two weeks away from my routine of way too many things to do, I very fortuitously ran right into a GringoPost ad about the Lodge at Yunguilla.
And here I am…
For the last 10 days I have been able to do exactly what I want to in an incredibly quiet – even though the Lodge sits within a tiny village with basic services – environment. Sometimes I feel I have escaped into the holodeck on the Starship Enterprise in the Star Trek series!
No dogs barking, a wonderfully safe and peaceful environment full of trees and plants, jacuzzi and swimming pool within a walk of a couple of minutes, and no constraints on anything. LK So my body just gets more and more relaxed and destressed, and off that “hurry, hurry, things to do” mode…

And I finally got to the point that my next project, creating a course to be presented over the internet, just naturally and easily fitted into the very tranquil routine of a life without interruptions (except for food which can be delivered right to the door, or one can sit outside in various places and just enjoy the very temperate but not too hot climate).
I know this kind of life does not suit everyone, but if one needs to destress right after this rather challenging year we just went through, I can really recommend a stay in the Lodge at Yunguilla as a definite benefit to your health and well-being.
I have stayed in many countries and many different types of accommodation, I even spent five months driving all over Europe a few years ago, staying in all sorts of places, high end and low end, but as far as peace and quiet and tranquility and being “away from it all” (without actually having to go to the jungle!) this place is special.
Even if you don’t officially have the luxury of taking a vacation, if you have some project or work upon which you need to focus intensely, doing it in an environment like this is very productive, away from all the distractions involved in everyday life.
And for anyone who has reached the stage of burnout, this place is ideal…
It will be interesting to observe how my body feels once I am immersed back into the full on schedule!
The main thought is…. I must do this more often!
May this year be an opening up to more freedom and more health!

Clayton Steffes – Real Estate tour in Puerto Lopez & Montañita, January 2020

“Torrin –
Thank you and thank you for everything you did for us. I truly had a great time as well. I admire what you have going on over there. Epic couple of days!
My friends are the best. Wouldn’t have made it to Ecuador without them.
Definitely see you again.

Yolie – Guest at The Lodge, November 2018

“Es mi primera visita a “Live the Life” y no sera la ultima, me encanto desde el momento que vi este paraiso. Me senti como en mi propia casa, la atencion fue de primera y sus duenos encantadores que hubieron mi estadia muy placiente. Si le necesita descansar, este es el lugar perfecto. Me asegure que mi querido Ecuador sepa de este paraiso.”

Duane L – Guest at The Lodge, November 2018

“Great stay with Torrin @ Live the Life! Beautiful and functional landscaping – one of my favorite places I’ve been to in Ecuador.

Torrin took the time to show me the area and many properties in the area. It’s so helpful to tour a new location with someone that has intimate knowledge of all the important elements. So useful when you’re looking at an entire country and considering a move there.

Live the Life has an effective team in place to keep the Lodge running smoothly.

Awesome place to meet people. The smoothies are great!”

Richard Keye – Health Retreat Participant, September 2018

“Everything was great on the health retreat. I lost over 2 kg and felt much better after. The facilities hugely surpassed my expectations. I learned that my body does not want to be poisoned any more thank you. Everyone was so friendly it was a pleasure.”

Rober Sitler – Guest at The Lodge, 2017

“The Lodge is such a fabulous place!! I’m so glad we got to experience it.”

Lorie Diane

“I enjoyed my conversation with Torrin. I found it to be on such a positive note and my hopes of moving to Puerto Lopez have risen to great heights.”

Michael and Codie S.

“We can’t say enough about the great job that Live the Life Real Estate did for us. We had been looking for almost a year to find the right country house with no luck. In a matter of a few weeks Live the Life found us a beautiful Yunguilla home that met all of our wishes! They were even by our side through the entire transaction. And in a just little more than a year, with a little bit of elbow grease, We’ve been told that our property has increased in value by over $50,000!

What a great team to work with!”

Don Huurdeman

“Torrin loves the Yunguilla valley and that shows in his work. He is the most active and enthusiastic real estate agent in the area. And he is also the most knowledgeable about this hidden gem in Ecuador with the world’s most pleasant climate.”

Sean Copperstone’s Story in the Yunguilla Valley

Sean Copperstone joined us for the Grand Opening of the Lodge back in April this year.

Sean Copperstone

Live the Life: Why did you choose to build in Ecuador? and why in the Yunguilla Valley in particular? What attracted you to this location?

Sean: “I chose the Valley for the proximity to the lodge, the consistent climate and the abundance of hiking and opportunity to explore the unknown of the area. I have only made one trip to the area but I think the possibilities are endless.”

Live the Life: Where are you right now in the US?

Sean: “I am currently in Bradenton, Florida”

Live the Life: How does this home fit with your long and short term plans? Retirement? I find it interesting that you’re young and already building. You’re not the stereotypical ‘gringo retiree,’ living on a pension and building down here, so if there’s anything you can share about your plan, that would be great.

Sean: “My plans are to start building now in the hopes that in a few years I am able to spend multiple months in Ecuador and become involved with the community if that is by volunteering or just being a positive influence to the area. By starting to build now I hope to be able to have a return on investment and make it financially more possible to spend the time in Ecuador at a much younger age. I hope to build multiple homes in Ecuador and help other like-minded people do the same. Short term is to get this wonderful home done so I can rent it out and have my own space to visit as well. With the proximity to the lodge and the availability of Torrin it is very appealing to bring new potential people to the area.”

Live the Life: Positives/Negatives of building to suit here. Anything positive you care to share about the experience? Warnings to others thinking about building?

Sean: “As of now there has not been any bumps in the road with completing the home (that I know of. Lol) With the help of Torrin and his team this has been a complete delight to build in a foreign country and am excited to have the opportunity soon to place foot in this beautiful new home with an amazing view that will never get old. Spending time in Ecuador though only a short time makes you really take a look and step back to what is really important in this short time we get to spend on this earth. I will without a doubt recommend Torrin and his team to anyone that is interested in Ecuador.”

Below are a few photos showing the progress:
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