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50M olympic pool in Cuenca
50M olympic pool in Cuenca

Ecuador’s Pacific coastline, running from the borders of Peru to the south and Colombia to the north, offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy some of the country’s amazing beaches.

Here are a few of the best:

Puerto Lopez

Manabi province’s beach destination attracts thousands of visitors all year round. Its well-protected, crescent-shaped bay keeps the waters calm, the wind light. Scuba diving is another popular sport, and tours to Salango and Isla de take you to a bird sanctuary, views of amazing marine life, and other attractions. Puerto Lopez is also the gateway to enchanting Machalilla National Park, touted as the best beach in Ecuador.


Pair incredible surfs and nighttime beach parties and you’ve got tourists packing the beach town of Montanita. The downtown area is filled with restaurants, shops, and bars, making it a magnet for vacationers. Although surfing is a prime beach activity, areas near the shore are still good spots for swimming.


This top tourist draw is often compared to Miami Beach. White, sandy beaches as well as other activities to keep yourself entertained make it a popular area. Restaurants and bars abound. Cafés are tucked into side streets. The thermal baths at Banos de San Vicente are an added attraction. Peak tourist season in Salinas is from December to April.


There are a few beaches to check out the port city of Manta. There’s Barbasquillo to the north, where it’s best to visit during the dry season when the waves are calmer. Those who want to see how fishing boats are traditionally built will love Los Esteros Beach. El Murcielago on the west is popular with tourists but the swells are high and more suitable for surfing.

Puerto Cayo

The beach in this lush tropical paradise at the northern border of the Machalilla National Park has a broad shoreline and waters teeming with fish. You can try a little swimming at the south end of the beach which is sheltered from the wind by a bluff. If you’d like to snorkel, Islote Pedernales just off the shore is an excellent spot.

Ecuador’s swimming spots are not just found in its many beaches and resorts. The indoor swimming experience in Cuenca is just as good. Visit this page to find out why.

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