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How to find an apartment rental in Cuenca

Looking to rent an apartment in Cuenca? Yes, it can be challenging – particularly if you’re new to the country and don’t speak Spanish that well – but our team at Live The Life is here to make the process easier. To help you out, we’ve put together this guide to finding and renting an apartment in the city.

In general, Cuenca’s real estate offerings are not just beautiful, but are also often quite affordable. This goes for rentals as well. And of course nothing beats living in a World Heritage site!

What you’ll need to bear in mind first and foremost is that the market here isn’t as easily accessible as it is in Europe or North America. Be prepared to search creatively!

  • Search in Spanish
    The Internet is your friend. And so is Google Translate. There are listings to be found online when you search in English, but you’ll pull up even more results if you search in Spanish. Use common phrases like “arriendos en Cuenca,” which means “leases in Cuenca,” or “rent a en Cuenca,” which means “rent in Cuenca.” There’s a good chance the apartment listings you’ll see will have lower rates as well.
  • Walk around
    Not everything’s going to be online – in fact, only a small percentage of rentals are advertised on the Internet. One of the best ways to see what’s available is to take a walk in the neighborhood/s you’re interested in and keep an eye out for “for rent” signs.

    You can also find rentals advertised on local newspapers and there are always ads posted on bulletin boards throughout the University of Cuenca. If you know people in the area, you can also just ask around – most Cuencanos still rely on their social connections to spread the word when they’re renting out property.

  • Consider getting a short-term rental first
    For those who are still unsure about where in the city they want to stay, a short-term rental allows for more flexibility and is cheaper compared to hotels. You can get to know the city and the culture better without being tied down by a long-term rental commitment. Short-term rentals can also become a more long-term arrangement depending on the terms and the availability of the property.
  • Get local help
    No one is better suited to help you navigate Cuenca than a local real estate expert. Some property owners will be easier to negotiate with when the negotiation involves another local who can act as a translator and mediator. At the same time, a local will be able to explain the laws and conventions when it comes to making and closing rental deals. A local can also advise you on which parts of Cuenca to look into.

Here are some more tips to remember when looking for a rental apartment in Cuenca:

  • Make sure you’re ready to make a fast decision as attractive properties can get gobbled up in a day. It is not uncommon for deals to be closed in as quickly as a day.
  • Always get a written lease agreement even if you have to insist on it.
  • Always get receipts of all the transactions for record-keeping purposes.

At Live The Life, we can make sure that you find the apartment rental that suits your needs, budget, and lifestyle. Get in touch with us today and let us help you find the perfect home here.