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South Pacific Coast

The South Pacific Coast of Ecuador

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Manabí Providence

From Canoa to Manta and Puerto Lopez to Ayampe, the Manabí Providence of the south pacific coast of Ecuador offers some of the most pristine beaches, vivacious jungles, bustling cities, and quaint fishing villages that can be found in all of the country. Many come to the coast to visit the sparkling blue waters and partake in the unique ecotourism activities while others enjoy the local cuisine and colorful culture that make this part of the country so distinct. If it’s just for tourism or if it is a more permeant stay, the south pacific coast is a must visit during your time in Ecuador.

Where’s There to Visit on the Coast?

Cities like Manta call to those who are looking for a more metropolitan life with easily found amenities such as large shopping malls and hotels all around. Manta is the largest and fastest growing costal city,hosting the second largest port in Ecuador next to Guayaquil. Other towns like Bahia de Caraquez and Puerto Cayo are ideal for those who want to sit back, relax and enjoy the waves as surfers from all around the world take advantage of the perfect rippling waters of these areas. Puerto Lopez is home to Los Frailes beach and the starting point for ocean adventures like whale watching and tours to La Isla de la Plataand many tourist flock to the area between June and September when the Humpback whales are in season. Smaller towns are found in between and usually offer calm beaches, local restaurants, and maybe a few chats with the locals to all those who pass through. With so much variety, it is no wonder as to why this area of Ecuador is becoming so popular.

Life on the Coast

The tropical beauty and climate of the Ecuadorian coast make it a perfect place to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. Because of the year-round warm and humid weather, fresh tropical fruits and vegetables can be grown all year. Watermelon, mangos, avocados, passion fruit, pineapples, and plantines line market shelves and fresh fish can be bought directly from the fisherman who arrived that morning. Many people enjoy swimming and snorkeling, surfing and running on the beach as the sun paints the sky as it sets at night. Cities are typically concentrated to a plaza or center so walking from shop to shop is a breeze and public transportation makes getting to those further out destinations no problem. Life is generally relaxed and tranquil so many people find that live on the coast is a good one.

Real Estate on the Coast of Ecuador

A fine selection of real estate awaits you on the coast of Ecuador. Housing options include charming single-family homes, beautiful two-bedroom houses, apartments close to beach, and cozy homes higher up with balconies that offer spectacular ocean views. As towns continue to grow and new constructioncontinues to pop up, size-ranging lots can also be found abundantly in areas like Puerto Lopez withits two new developments: El Mirador and Paradise Point. All of the homes enjoy a tranquil environment and the clean, fresh ocean air that the coast is known for. The only thing that is left is finding which one you like the best.