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Cuenca, Ecuador

Cuenca Ecuador Real Estate – Homes for Sale in Cuenca Ecuador

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The country’s third-largest city and the capital of Azuay Province, the city of Cuenca is situated in Ecuador’s highlands, and is

Cuenca as seen from the west

Cuenca as seen from the west

around 2,500 meters above sea level. A city rich with culture and history that’s filled with plenty of historical buildings and sites, its center has been named a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. Some would say Cuenca is Ecuador’s prettiest city, with its ancient cathedrals, charming cobblestone streets, and scenic parks and rivers.

With a safe environment, great climate and low cost of living, Cuenca has recently become a favorite spot for people looking to settle down and live the quiet life.

Things to Do in Cuenca

Many renowned artists, poets, writers, and philosophers have come from Cuenca, because of the traditions and culture of the city, which has long been known for being highly supportive of the arts. A visit to one of Cuenca’s many museums will give you a glimpse of the rich inspiration the city provides. And if it’s history and culture that you’d like to know more about, the city’s wide variety of churches and colonial plazas are open during the day for you to explore.

At night, bars, cafés and restaurants offer a plethora of mouth-watering traditional and international food, at inexpensive prices. Even if you don’t speak Spanish, the staff at the restaurants are generally very friendly and hospitable, and will welcome anyone who walks into their doors.

For those who love the outdoors, the El Cajas National Park provides plenty of fun-filled opportunities for hiking, trekking, fishing and camping in the highlands of Ecuador. Mountain biking around Cuenca is a favorite activity as well, with the thousands of miles of picturesque trails that are found nearby.

Cuenca Ecuador Real Estate

Cuenca housing options are diverse, ranging from condo units with a spectacular city and mountain views, to three-story homes in the historic downtown district, garden homes in a gated community, and spacious single-family homes on prime riverside lots.