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Cuenca Recommended Places

Recommended Restaurant

Potato soup and roasted cuy (guinea pig) come to mind when talking about Ecuadorian food, but the country’s culinary scene – particularly in its bigger cities – has become infinitely more diverse over the years.

Apart from local, traditional fare, you can enjoy countless other cuisines, from Japanese to Italian, Taiwanese, and Colombian. The food scene is quickly becoming more sophisticated as well and you can enjoy anything from a multi-course at a gourmet restaurant to street food to healthy farm-to-table meals.

The food markets shouldn’t be missed either. Food stalls that sell authentic Ecuadorian fare will give you a taste of local home-style cooking.

You won’t even have to stray from your diet while you’re here. If you’re strictly vegetarian, there are restaurants that serve wholesome but scrumptious vegetarian dishes, and organic farms can bring fresh produce right to your doorstep.

If you’re feeling adventurous, fusion cuisine is also big in Ecuador, and you’re bound to come across more than a few original and brilliant dishes while dining here.

Below are our recommended restaurants.





Paseo November 3 and Jacaranda,es
Tel: 098 935 8169


Recommended Transportation

Getting around isn’t a problem either. Big cities like Quito and Cuenca have an efficient bus service that plies the major routes. Low-cost taxis abound – just make sure to stick with registered taxis, which are often yellow in color. To be safe, have the hotel or restaurant call one for you, or rely on a radio dispatcher from a legitimate cab company.

If you’d rather drive yourself, international car rental companies can be found near the cities’ airports. Your driver’s license will be valid for three moths upon entering the country. Beyond that, you’ll need an International Driver’s License.

You can also travel by train from one city to another, while boats are available for island-hopping.

Below are our recommended transportation companies in Cuenca.




Contact Info
Las Gaviotas and Las Golondrinas
English: 0983800162
Español: 0958708396