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indexlead1Archaeology Vacations is the adventure of your lifetime!

It is your opportunity to spend your vacation as an archaeologist and excavate a 2000 year-old archaeological site on the Pacific coast in southern Ecuador.

You will join a team of fellow tourists from around the world, working under the supervision of trained archaeologists. You will excavate inside a 4 sq. km city that was once the capital of the Ecuador coast for 1500 years before the Spanish conquerors arrived in the 1500s.

In addition to excavating, you can also work in our on-site field laboratory; piecing together and conserving artifacts for eventual study and display in our museum. Or you can join our remote survey team to explore the surrounding area for more sites, even more artifacts and more history.

This is an archaeology experience where you can luxuriate in comfort and style. After all, it is your vacation and we want you to enjoy every minute of it.

You will excavate. You will recover artifacts. You will participate in a multi-year archaeological research project that has specific archaeology goals. You will also make a meaningful social contribution to the people and the modern community of Agua Blanca.

There is no other experience like this in the world!