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224 ha Puyo property for $670,000!! Beautiful!

AgentImage  | February 25, 2016

Offered at: $670,000
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Listing ID: EC0121
Lot Size: 224 Hectares

Agent Details
Name: Torrin Brauch
Phone Number: 239-848-5876
Property Type: Amazon Basin Land for Sale
Property Status: For Sale


This 224 hectares property was bought in 2007 with the intention of preserving the forest and create a model farm focused on ecological restoration , water resources management, permaculture, eco-construction , eco-tourism , water purification naturally, clean energy and workshops.

In September 2008, we signed an agreement for twenty years with the Ministry of the Environment to protect the primary forest that the property has, for which annual payments of $ 4,200 are received. In addition to this vision, the water and ecotourism potential of the property is amazing due to the many sources of water and also the tashapi river has its origin practically from the farm and SERPENTEA to its potential it could be used in two ways a part of el Eco tourism and courses of survival, it is an invitation to create a new level of consciousness, in order for the visitors to be able to see new concepts of sustainability and understand that it is time to take care of the planet. Also the guardian of the property is a known schaman of the region that knows every space of the farm as well as its limits.

At this potential we can take advantage and create a center of cultural exchange where experts from around the world and natives of the region would be invited to share their customs and ancestral knowledge, and also you can document their knowledge of traditional medicine with plants from the region. In addition, the property has electricity and a hi-way passes through the front of the property, in other words it is easy to reach it from any city in the country, the nearest airport is located in the Tena, three hours from the property, and the city of Puyo, which has hospitals and shopping malls, it is only twenty minutes away.