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On the Hook: A Guide to Deep-Sea Fishing in Manta and Salinas

LiveTheLifeinEcuador  | January 13, 2016

Deep Sea FishingThe coastline of Ecuador holds a wealth of potential for fishing enthusiasts. While other fishing spots across the globe get more press and love from devout anglers, Ecuadorian waters can boast just as much diversity and challenge when it comes to deep-sea fishing. The waters off Salinas and Manta, in particular, offer unique opportunities for everyone from novices to expert anglers to hook the catch of a lifetime.

What to Bring

There are several charter operations in the area and their boats are usually fully equipped so you won’t have to think about bringing your gear.If you’d prefer to strike out on your own, however, and/or you’re attached to your tackle, here are some things to keep in mind:

    • Fishing Rods

Opt for a graphite rod, especially if you are a first timer. This rod is often lighter and sturdier, albeit more expensive than a fiberglass rod. The rod should be at least six to eight feet long and strong enough to withstand pressure from gaming fish like giant halibut and marlin.

    • Saltwater Fishing Reel

Try to use a reel that is made of aluminum and that is easy to cast. A spinning reel is a good choice for sea and ocean fishing as it can cast a long way. Also opt for a reel that is resistant to the ocean water’s corrosive effects.

    • Fishing Line and Hook

They make up the most essential part of the rod. Choose a line that is heavy and able to carry at least three pounds of fish without breaking. For the hook, opt for either a high carbon make or a stainless steel one. The choice of the hook’s size will depend on the size of the fish you want to catch. The bigger the hook, the bigger the fish.

The Catch

    • Blue marlin

This is the top prize foray deep-sea angler. Able to reach up to 1000 pounds, the great blue marlin is the ultimate test of skill and strategy. Many world-record-worthy blue marlin can be found in the waters of Salinas and Manta.

    • Dorado

Also called “dolphin fish” and “mahi-mahi,” the dorado is a worthy catch. Noted for its speed and its power, the dorado is also supremely delicious.

    • Yellowfin tuna

The yellow fin is another prize catch and perhaps one of the most recognizable. Be prepared for a long struggle as yellowfin tuna are noted for their strength and stamina in the water.