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A Picnic in the…Cementery?

| November 2, 2018

How Ecuador celebrates Dia de los Dfuntos Day of the dead or “Día de los Muertos” is celebrated on November 2nd by many cultures around the world and Ecuador is no exception. However, Day of the Dead here in Ecuador is looks a little different than it does in other parts, and the holiday comes with its own unique customs and traditions. In Ecuador this day is not referred to as Dia de los Muertos but rather Día de los Difuntos “Day of the Deceased.” It is traditionally a Catholic… Read More

As the Cost of Living Continues to Rise, Many People Are Looking Abroad for A Solution

| August 21, 2018

By Amber Cypcar Over recent years, prices in the United States have skyrocketed. From housing costs, and gas prices, to utility bills and food expenses, the numbers on the receipts just keep getting higher. And while the price of things continues to go up, it seems that quality is going down. But what can be done about this you ask?Well, simply put, move. The number of expats around the world is increasingwith each year and the search for a cheaper cost of life is one of the reasons why. There… Read More

Ecuadorian Cuisine – The Coast

| February 26, 2018

Ecuador’s coast is known for its beautiful beaches, warm waters, and relaxed style of life. But what is also exceptional about this area is the savory foods that make up the typical cuisine. Differing greatly from the chicken and potato gastronomy of the sierra, the decadent seafood and fresh fruits and vegetables thatcan be found all over the region leave no question as to why so many people have fallen in love with the coast’s local flavors. Sitting directly on the Pacific Ocean, mariscos (a general term for seafood) are… Read More

Carnaval in Ecuador

| February 10, 2018

Colorful costumes, enormous parade floats, lively music, cheerful dancing; it must be Carnaval! Carnaval is a special holiday that takes place 40 days before Easter each year in many countries with dominant Christin populations. People go all out with their celebration and Ecuador is no exception however Ecuador also incorporates the indigenous tradition of celebrating the second moon by throwing flowers, water and flour. The festivity events begin with the Taita Carnaval (Father Carnival) being elected to preside over the festivities and head the parade of each city. The parades… Read More

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Ecuador

| February 5, 2018

Ecuador is an insanely beautiful country and I’m pretty sure we all know this. From the abundance of life inhabiting the great Galapagos Islands and the lush vegetation of the Amazon rain forests to the awe-inspiring peaks of the Andes Mountains and the cultural rich city of Cuenca, Ecuador has a little something for everyone. However, here are 10 things you maybe didn’t know about Ecuador… Because the Earth bulges at the Equator, Ecuador’s Mt. Chimborazo is technically 1.5 miles higher than Mt. Everest when measured from the Earth’s core… Read More

Living Lavishly on the Budget of a Bus Boy The Cost of Living in Ecuador

| January 9, 2018

Before people uproot their life and move abroad, there are many things that they think about and cost of living is definitely at the top of the list. On so many of the expat pages and facebook groups, the question always arises “what is a typical budget in Ecuador.” This is not an easy question to answer because it truly depends on the type of lifestyle you are looking to create. Do you dream of living like royalty in an estate with a maid and gardener, consuming your mus- have… Read More

What Should you Bring When Moving to Ecuador

| January 4, 2018

Imagine the stress of moving to a new house. Now multiply that stress by 1000 and that is the stress you feel as you prepare to move to a new house in a new country. How are you supposed to know what you will need for the rest of your life? Do you ship everything down or just buy new stuff when you arrive? What if they don’t have what you need?! I’m sure these thoughts have crossed all expats minds at least once or one hundred times as they… Read More

How I got the nickname “Flaca”

| December 11, 2017

Yes, many people have the nickname flaca here but I was extremely surprised when people started calling me flaca. What does flaca mean you ask? Skinny. Flaca means skinny and that is something I had never really been called before. So how did I come about obtaining this nickname? I’ll share with you now. In the United States, I worked at a restaurant called Buffalo Wild Wings. Home of wings, beer, and sports. I had worked there for six years starting in high school and then in college as well…. Read More

It’s Time for Adventure. It’s Time to Visit Ecuador


Ecuador is a place of variety. From the abundance of life inhabiting the great Galapagos Islands and the lush vegetation of the Amazon rainforests to the awe-inspiring peaks of the Andes Mountains and the cultural rich city of Cuenca, Ecuador has a little something for everyone. Each one of these distinct regions offers a wider variety of different types of adventure and in my opinion; it is hard to ever say you are bored here. I would call myself an adventure seeker. It isn’t always the purpose of my travels… Read More

What’s the Weather Like?


The infamous question of every phone conversation I have with beloved friends and family, “what’s the weather like? Is it hot?”  As simple as these questions may be, they are surprisingly difficult to answer. You see the weather of Ecuador depends on where you are. Each of the 4 regions offers a different climate and sometimes each city within a region differs in it weather compared to its neighbor. And despite being named after the equatorial line, Ecuador is not always blistering hot. More times than not, it’s a comfortable… Read More