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Hiking the falls of Giron

El Chorro1Consider El Chorro de Girón. A green expanse like the outstretched back of a sleeping giant whose long slumber has slowly transformed it into tree, rock and earth. Above it wheels the expansive blue sky, often flocked with clouds. And in the center of it all, pulsating gossamer threads of silver and white. The roar of the crashing water, which rushes down the face of the mountains from a height of over 1500 feet, can be heard from far away.

Imagine that scene. Don’t you feel the urge to put yourself in it? If you’re in the Yunguilla Valley area, or you’re planning to stop by, then you definitely want to experience the breathtaking natural wonder that are the Girón Falls up close.

Head Up the Falls on Foot or on Horseback

The falls are just 45 minutes away from the town of Cuenca in Giron. The base is accessible by a short bus or car ride from Giron. You probably don’t want to waste precious time making all the arrangements that you’ll have to make though. We’ll do that for you. At LIVETHELIFE, we offer hiking and horseback-riding tours that let you get the most out of your trip up the falls.

Our hiking and horseback riding tours will take you El Chorrofrom your our accommodations all the way to the lower section of Girón Falls. Hiking groups need to be a minimum of four people and we can easily adjust our services to serve larger groups – in fact, we often do!

Hiking the Falls of Giron | Living the Life in Ecuador

Contact us if you’d like to learn more about our Girón Falls hiking and horseback riding tour packages.

Come and be awed by the primal splendor of El Chorro de Girón where water, earth, and sky meet to create an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Accommodations and transportation available at the Lodge.