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Pacific Coast Activities

Pacific Coast Activities | Living in Ecuador

In Ecuador’s Pacific Coast, emerald green jungles, mangrove forests, fishing villages, and stunning beaches offer a ton of opportunities for fun and enjoyment.

If you’re thinking of moving to Ecuador to work, retire, or live comfortably for less, here are a few things that await you on the Pacific Coast:

  • The many attractions of Machalilla National Park
    Described as a “real natural history museum,” the nature preserve in Manabi province covers an area of more than 289 square miles. The park is made up of tropical dry forest, various islands, and the pristine waters of the South Pacific Ocean. Head out to Los Frailes beach, reputed to be the most beautiful in Ecuador. Scuba dive off the waters of La Plata and Salango Islands. Or hie off to Agua Blanca’s ruins. You can also hike or ride a horse through the dry forest filled with butterflies and other fauna and flora.
  • Whale watching at Puerto Lopez
    Ecuador’s Pacific Coast is prime whale watching location from late June to early October. Humpback whales flock here during their annual mating season. Lots of hotels and agencies offer trips to witness this amazing event.
  • A spiritual spa retreat
    Samai Holistic Center in Olon integrates shamanic healing with the spa experience. Be part of age-old rituals that promote transformation, self-awareness, and growth.
  • Fun nights out at Montanita
    This town is more than just a surfer’s paradise. It draws a diverse crowd converging for the night’s attractions – a mix of fire dancers, street performers, and lively sets by disc jockeys.
  • Big-game fishing
    The stretch of ocean from Puerto Lopez to Manta is one of the best spots for big-game fishing. Here, mahi-mahi or dolphinfish, tuna, and marlin are among the prized catch.

If you’d like to know more about living in Ecuador’s South Pacific Coast, you’ll find it here.