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Retiring in Cuenca, Ecuador

Plenty of expats from the United States and different parts of the globe have come to Cuenca and made this cultural haven their new home. Let’s round up the reasons why Cuenca remains a top choice for retirees.

Cuenca Retirement

1. Low cost of living. Although Cuenca has earned the reputation of being the most expensive city in Ecuador, cost of living in the city is relatively low compared to North American cities of the roughly the same size. In Cuenca, you can live like a king (or a queen) without having to spend over $2,000 a month. Although there’s the stark reality that cost of living continues to increase day by day, Cuenca is still cheaper than similar American cities.

2. Active retirement. While some retirees would like to just sit back and relax their twilight years away, Cuenca is a top choice for those who wish to experience more of the world. Cuenca is near popular adventure hotspots. If, however, your idea of an active retirement is just walking around, we can tell you that walking along the cobblestone streets of the city is a real treat and a great exercise. Furthermore, you get to marvel at Cuenca’s collection of beautiful attractions.

3. Close enough to the U.S. and Canada. Although Cuenca and the rest of Ecuador may feel, at times, worlds away, this Latin American country just a few hours away by plane from U.S. and Canada. You’re not in the other side of the world — you’re just a few hours and a couple of time zones away. If you ever miss American and Canadian comforts, just board a plane. Tickets are relatively inexpensive.

4. Great healthcare. As a retiree, it’s inevitable to come across some health complications, making healthcare a major factor in deciding where to retire or relocate. Good news: Cuenca is home to several reputable hospitals and medical facilities that offer quality care and services. In addition, medicine prices are cheaper and can easily be bought over the counter.

It may come as a surprise for some, but all of Cuenca’s residents, even expats, have the option to join Ecuador’s Social Security healthcare system. With no age or pre-existing exclusions, the system offers complete coverage costs.

5. Discounts for retirees age 65 and older. You can expect to save a considerable amount of money if you’re a retiree age 65 and older as Cuenca offers big discounts for seniors. For one, fares in public transportation are slashed. You can also score big savings for residential utilities.

6. No problems with assimilation. If you’re worried about blending in with the locals in Cuenca, there’s no need to fret. Cuenca has a sizable population of expats and retirees, making the adaptation easier. After all, new friends always make relocation much easier than usual.

Retiring in Cuenca

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