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Restaurants and Eating

Restaurants and Eating | Living in Ecuador

There’s more to Cuenca’s gastronomic landscape than fried plantains and roasted guinea pig. The wide selection of cuisines and the quality of the dishes served here will impress any epicurean.

Cuisines in Cuenca

Many restaurants offer traditional Ecuadorian food like ceviche and potato soup. New Ecuadorian cuisine is also ubiquitous, with chefs using traditional ingredients like chochos and quinoa to create fusion dishes. You can learn more about must-try Ecuadorian dishes here.

Have a taste of paella and Gallecian squid when you dine at the city’s Spanish restaurants. Feast on fajitas and chips doused with spicy salsa at any of the establishments that serve Mexican cuisine.

Italian fare like pasta matched with excellent wine is also available.
So are Italian-American treats like New York and Chicago-style pizza.

If you’re in the mood for Taiwanese, you’ll find places that serve spring rolls, chao fan, and hot noodle soup. Austrian comfort food, such as freshly baked strudels and goulash is another option.

You don’t even have to settle for just one – some restaurants serve international cuisine, letting you take your pick from their varied menus.

For a list of Cuenca restaurants, feel free to check our blog post.

Dining etiquette

Table manners in Ecuador are Continental, so hold the fork with your left hand and the knife with your right. Food is always eaten with utensils – even fruit.

If you’ve been invited to dinner, the host will usually say “buenprovecho” or “enjoy your meal” to encourage you to start eating. Guests are often served first. Wait for the host to make the first toast before taking a sip of your drink. Look at the guest being toasted as you raise your glass, and leave your glass one quarter full if you don’t want a refill.

Meals tend to be social events, so expect them to be lengthy, and look forward to lively conversation. However, refrain from discussing business unless asked to do so.

When dining at a restaurant, you’re expected to seat yourself. You’re also expected to ask for the check when the meal is over – simply say “La cuentapor favor” to any of the waiters. A 10 % tip is usually included in the restaurant bill. You may leave an additional tip if you wish, but it isn’t expected.