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Playa Olon and Puerto Cayo Ecuador

Surf. Sand. Fresh seafood. Sunny days. Puerto Cayo is a lively beachfront community with a gorgeous coastline that stretches for miles, where waves provide a calming soundtrack and refreshing breezes come in from the Pacific Ocean.IMG_0416 This charming community is known for its natural beauty – from rich, lush forests, to stunning waterfalls and mountains, rich biodiversity and, of course, welcoming and hospitable town folk.

Puerto Cayo can be found around 53 miles south of the city of Manta, Ecuador’s second most populated city, and is located 269 miles west of the country’s capital city of Quito. Here, you’ll find the popular Olon Beach or as the locals call it, Playa Olon; a long sandy beach popular among locals and tourists alike. A surfing destination, it has kiosks and restaurants lined up on the beachside, perfect for relaxing, people watching and enjoying the bounty of the sea.

Retiring in Puerto Cayo

Puerto Cayo has recently began to gain international recognition as one of the best places to retire in South America due to the lower cost of comfortable, resort-style living that can be enjoyed here. In fact, this coastal town has been gaining the attention it truly deserves especially among Canadian and American nationals who wish to retire in a relaxed beach town with a warm, tropical climate. A developing community, a lot of opportunities await enterprising retirees who wish to bank on the potential of this town especially now that it has caught international attention as a retirement destination.

Olon and Puerto Cayo Real Estate and Homes

There is a wide variety of real estate available here and they still have very reasonable prices, from vacation homes that feature sweeping ocean views, lots and substantial acreage, furnished beach homes, villas and estates. If you’re looking for a home in a private gated community, you can check out properties in the development called “Mirador San Jose,” which is just around 10 miles north of Puerto Cayo.