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The Serene Beauty of El Cajas’ Majestic Landscapes

LiveTheLifeinEcuador  | May 13, 2016

You haven’t experienced Ecuador if you don’t visit the immensely beautiful mountain landscapes of El Cajas National Park.

This soothing refuge about 20 miles from Cuenca, is a perfect sanctuary for body and soul.

All you need do is flag down a bus that takes you from Cuenca to El Cajas in an hour or so at the highly-affordable price of $2 per person.

This gateway to all things natural and breathtaking is guaranteed to take your worldly cares away and refresh your spirit.

High on the tundra

slide3The best way to experience this one-of-a-kind outdoor adventure is by taking a guided tour that costs only$100 per person. The tour usually takes four hours, three of them devoted to hiking. Be prepared for pleasant surprises, as weather conditions may vary and extend the time you spend admiring this must-see place 12,000 feet above sea level.

Captivating views await you at every turn, so have your camera ready.

Waterproof clothing and boots are also essential, as the weather can change any time.

First aid supplies and the ever-present park rangers assure your safety throughout the tour.

And since all that waking and hiking will make you hungry, the tour includes a delicious meal for free in a cozy restaurant nearby.

Those who want to spend the night gazing at the shimmering sea of stars can always do so because El Cajas also offers overnight tours at $250 per person.

It does get chilly, so be sure to pack layers and layers of extra clothes and a blanket to keep you warm. The jaw-dropping view of the sunset through El Cajas’ valleys, however, will warm your spirits until the light of day kisses you awake.

You’ll even get a chance to see the Inca ruins.

You don’t want to miss this experience of a lifetime, do you?

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