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Score a real estate bargain in Ecuador

LiveTheLifeinEcuador  | July 25, 2016

house view fr bottomEcuador’s real estate prices are among the lowest anywhere in the world. You can find gorgeous properties at prices you would consider a steal.

Cuenca Ecuador Real Estate and Homes for Sale, Puerto Lopez Ecuador and Yunguilla Valley Ecuador

From beautiful houses in historic Cuenca, to a beachside home in Puerto Lopez, to a spacious estate in Yunguilla Valley, the choices are wide ranging.

Even better, anyone can score a real estate bargain in Ecuador even if you are not a local.

Here’s how:

    • Be ready for a different real estate experience

Exclusive listings are uncommon but you’ll also find the buying process a lot simpler than it is in North America. All you need is a skilled agent to guide you through steps that may be unfamiliar to you.

    • Consider recommendations

If you’re friendly with the locals or meet up with expats and retirees, chances are you’ll run into leads. Consider what they say. At the same time, proceed with caution. Verify the leads you find interesting. Contact us to check the availability of a piece of property or go through our listings to expand your options.

    • Find out everything you can about the location

Ecuador offers a variety of lifestyles depending on where you want to live. Are you in the market for a vacation-like home by the beach? Or is the tranquility of the mountains more to your liking? Perhaps you’re city folk. Decide early on the kind of environment you prefer. Cuenca, for example, is a good choice for those looking for a home in a big city with access to national parks that offer great hiking trails and rock-climbing opportunities. Puerto Lopez is the perfect destination for people out to have a home by the beach. Yunguilla Valley, meanwhile, is an option for those who prioritize plenty of open space.

    • Get a local to help you

Get a highly recommended local to guide you through the process, which is especially helpful for non-Spanish speakers. LiveTheLife is especially experienced in helping foreign buyers secure their dream property in Ecuador – from finding a suitable piece of real estate to understanding the paperwork.

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