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New project in Puerto Lopez

Every day, new real estate developments are being drafted and approved all across Ecuador. If you’re looking to invest in Puerto Lopez real estate, we’re pleased to announce that Live the Life is currently working on a coastal residential enclave. Read through for more information about this exciting real estate development in Puerto Lopez.

Residential real estate project in Puerto Lopez

Located in the sleepy fishing village of Puerto Lopez in the Ecuadorian Manabi Province, this prime real estate development holds plenty of investment potential for the following reasons:

  • This real estate development will offer over a hundred ocean view lots, which offer some of the most stunning views in all of Puerto Lopez. The location of the development also brings plenty of promise for real estate investors looking for a tropical getaway, as these lots are situated in close proximity to a wide variety of outdoor recreation and authentic Manabi Province lifestyle. As of date, there are currently 50 ocean view lots available. As the project moves into Phase 2, 100 ocean view lots will be up for sale. Prices of ocean view lots start at $40,000– a great deal.
  • Live the Life’s Puerto Lopez project holds plenty of investment potential, and many investors have already taken notice. As of date, 20 percent of the 50 ocean view lots available has already been sold. Four houses are already under construction, with prices starting at $55 per square foot.
  • Aside from scenic panoramas of the province and beyond, ocean view homes in this coastal development will also enjoy nice ocean breezes, as some of the lots are located 50 to 140 meters above sea level. It’s a great location to build the home in the tropics that you’ve always dreamed of.
  • Basic utilities, such as water and power, have already been installed. We consider this real estate development as Live the Life’s primary project on the coast.
  • Financing available

About Puerto Lopez

Sun, local flavors, and authentic coastal Ecuadorian lifestyle– these are just three of the things you’ll get to enjoy in Puerto Lopez. Located in the Ecuadorian Manabi Province, this fishing village has a population of approximately 16,000 residents. Puerto Lopez heavily relies on ecotourism and fishing, the latter especially thriving as the waters near Puerto Lopez are rich in marine life. Local fishermen regularly catch a wide variety of tuna, as well as marlin, wahoo, and amberjack.

Aside from being a fishing community, Puerto Lopez is an important jump-off point for a long list of ecotourism activities. It is the location of the Machalilla National Park’s headquarters. Popular attractions located in and around Puerto Lopez include Isla de Plata, the indigenous village of Agua Blanca, Los Frailes Beach, and the Salango community. Puerto Lopez also draws hundreds of tourists from June to October as the local waters are sites for whale watching.

Back in town, Puerto Lopez is also home to a number of establishments, restaurants, clubs, and cabanas line the village’s streets. With all these characteristics, Puerto Lopez ranks high among in our list of best coastal communities in Ecuador to live.

Learn more about real estate investment opportunities in Ecuador

For more information about Live the Life’s Puerto Lopez project and other investment opportunities in Ecuador, get in touch with us today.