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Must-Eat Ecuadorian Foods

LiveTheLifeinEcuador  | April 6, 2015

a local dish found in ecuador

Ceviche, a local dish found in Ecuador

No trip to a new country is complete without sampling some of the local cuisine, but not knowing what to try keeps many tourists from venturing out and discovering something new. Here are some of the dishes we recommend – they’ll leave a great taste in your mouth during your stay in Ecuador:

Empanadas. Street vendors and cafes will sell these delicious treats and many times you can avoid any health issues as they are baked. Try one with cheese or plantain if you are wary of meats in a foreign country. You can grab one and browse the local market or eat it on the bus en route to a fun day of sightseeing.

Ceviche. Typically served all along the western coast of South America, this seafood dish is raw seafood and shellfish marinated in citrus juice. A delicious way to eat healthy and experience the taste of truly fresh seafood, ceviche is found from street vendors and restaurants near the coast.

pastries in Ecuador

Variation of Ecuadorian pastries at a local bakery

Pan de Yuca. Another great option for a light, quick snack. This is yuca root and cheese bread sometimes made into a tortilla or served like a donut hole with a chewy inside. It is simple and delicious.

Cuy. Also known as guinea pig. It is roasted, fried, baked, or stewed with spices and sides such as potatoes, hominy and salad. It doesn’t have a lot of meat, but what there is, is delectable (though it may be an acquired taste for some).

Hornado. A delicious dish that will fill you up and be reminiscent of a Sunday dinner at home. Served with chocio (Andean corn) and vegetables.

Langostinos. If you want fresh seafood, try these Ecuadorian prawns for a true taste of coastal seafood at its best.

Whatever you decide to try, keep in mind that restaurants can be a safe bet for fresh food and cleanliness but street vendors often have the most authentic flavors. Ask around and find a street vendor with a good reputation and try some of their foods. You’ll be amazed at how scrumptious fresh and real food prepared and cooked in the open air can taste.
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