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Catamayo, Loja Province, Ecuador

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A veritable garden in Ecuador’s province of Loja, the canton of Catamayo can be found in the northern section of the province, surrounded by the other cantons of Chuguarpamba, Gonzanamá, Loja, and Olmedo. With endless miles of verdant landscapes, Catamayo is home to the biggest and lushest valleys of the province, as well as the Monterrey Sugar Cane Processing Plant, a large-scale sugarcane operation that has greatly helped the economy of the province, as well as the country.

The tropical beauty and climate of Catamayo make it a perfect place to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. Because of the year-round spring-like weather, fresh tropical fruits and vegetables may be grown and harvested all year.In fact, most of Catamayo’s inhabitants are in the agriculture industry.

Things to Do in Loja

The nearby ParqueNacionalPodocarpus (Podocarpus National Park), which is approximately 146,000 hectares in size, is a very popular attraction for many tourists, with the sheer diversity of flora and fauna, quite a few species here cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The park is known to be inhabited by several unique species such as the Andean fox, the Andean speckled bear, giant armadillo, pumas, jaguars, mountain tapirs, and hundreds of exotic bird species.

The park is comprised of different main areas – an upper pre-montane section that features gorgeous walking trails, the tropical cloud forest perfect for those who enjoy bird watching, and the lower subtropical section, which houses remote areas of virgin forest and a staggering variety of flora and fauna.

Real Estate in Catamayo and Loja

A fine selection of real estate awaits you in Catamayo. Housing options include charming single family homes, beautiful two-bedroom houses, apartments close to the city center and Botanical Garden, and cozy two-story homes with balconies that offer spectacular mountain views. All of the homes enjoy a tranquil environment and the clean, crisp mountain air that Catamayo is known for.