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Live the life offers Agrotourism in Ecuador

LiveTheLifeinEcuador  | February 15, 2016

IMG_1249Ecuador is one of the most environmentally diverse countries in the entire world, making it a very desirable location for agriculture. The country’s rich and varied soil combined with the humid tropical climate creates excellent conditions which allow a wide range of tropical fruit, cacao, coffee, and other unique crops to thrive.

LIVETHELIFE offers agrotourism travel plans that allow you to experience and discover Ecuador’s rich agriculture. These tours will take you to from the lowland coastal plains to the Andean highlands, allowing you to travel off-grid, stay on a farm, and learn more about Ecuadorian culture like never before.

Here are a few of the locations you’ll get to explore on an agriculture tour:

Guayllabamba Valley

Located around one hour north of Quito, Guayllabamba Valley is known for its abundance of fruit trees that bear fruits such as avocados and chirimoyas. Tourists can also visit the area’s many bromelia plantations and organic farms.


Lake Quilotoa and the Zumbahua highlands are fertile areas where crops such as broad beans, barley, and potatoes are cultivated and harvested. In addition to getting a closer look at farm life, tourists can also see the unique native art created by the indigenous communities.


The village of Salinas is popular for producing local products that include chocolate, cheese, dry mushrooms, body oil, and natural essences. Learn first-hand how these products are harvested, all while savoring the town’s panoramic mountain views.

Chimborazo Province

This area gives tourists the chance to see alpacas, llamas, and vicuñas in their natural habitat. Visit the Jambikiwa Foundation and observe how the local community grows and harvests medicinal plants, or tour the many countryside plantations around the city of Riobamba.

If you’d like to join an agriculture tour of Ecuador, LIVETTHELIFE will be more than happy to assist you. Get in touch with Torrin Brauch at 239-848-5876 (US) or 097-994-7640 (Ecuador). You can also send him an email at