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Plot of land ideal for tourist project. 42 hectares for $100,000

AgentImage  | September 22, 2015

Offered at: $100,000
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Listing ID: EC0107
Lot Size: 42 Hectares

Agent Details
Name: Torrin Brauch
Phone Number: 097-994-7640


For sale a beautiful plot of land, ideal for ecological tourism, fish farming project and sown field of cocoa and pitahaya; it has abundant water and an island where it is possible to make a botanical garden and huts; furthermore it has different species of flora and fauna since that there is plentiful of primary wood. There is a stone with writing of the Incan era, wonderful!! There is also a waterfall of about 20 mt.

The plot of land is in the “via al Tena”, in sector Boayacu, (27 km from Puyo), it is about 600 mt from the street, crossing the bridge of the Anzu River, of crystalline water; it is possible to practise sports such as rafting, kayak, tubbing, from this place till Sta. Clara.

In addition it is possible to practise descent with rope, since there is an ideal slope, and it also possible to practice canopy, considering that the geography of the plot allows the installation of cables. The installation of light and telephone is at 100 mt from the plot. It is near Llanganates National Park, the total surface of the plot is 42 hectares, it is at 900 mt above the sea level. The deed is regularly registered. Property is five hours Northeast of Cuenca.

The price is 100000$.