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Life’s a Beach in Mancora

LiveTheLifeinEcuador  | October 6, 2015

IMG_0581Ecuador is a great country overflowing with natural beauty and biodiversity, but that doesn’t mean we don’t travel beyond its boundaries. After all, we’re in amazing South America! More wonders of the earth are just a border hop (or two) away.

One of these is the coastal community of Mancora in northern Peru. Located approximately 210 miles from Cuenca, it’s equivalent to roughly 5 hours of being on the road. The long drive is all worth it, however, and when you get to sink your toes in the creamy sand and plunge into warm waters you’ll see why this coastal Peruvian jewel is popular among South American vacationers and foreigners alike.

All about Mancora

IMG_0595Located in Peru’s Piura region, Mancora is a haven for those who are looking for a balance between relaxation and some party action. Folks over at describe the town as “Thailand’s Koh Samui and Koh Phangan before they were fully developed.” So, what can you expect aside from white sand beaches and balmy waters?

The sunniest region of Peru provides a host of great accommodations that fit every traveler’s budget. Whether you’re looking for five-star resorts or you’re more a backpacker type of sun worshipper, Mancora has a place for you to rest your body after a day of beach-bumming and a night of partying.


IMG_0643Of course, like every party central, Mancora’s streets are lined with local restaurants that deliver on the promise of a Peruvian dining experience like no other. Since it’s a beach town, expect to find lots of seafood joints. As Mancora has grown popular over the years, restaurants that serve international flavors have sprung up as well, which is just fine if you’re in the mood for something familiar. While you’re in town, check out the following restaurants: Cucin Amore, La Sirena d Juan, and Deli Market Nicolini.

Party under the moonlight

Mancora is especially known for the Full Moon parties hosted by The Point Hostels. Dubbed as the “biggest and best all night beach party in Peru,” the Full Moon Party attracts thousands of party-goers from all over South America. You’ve never really been to Mancora if you haven’t been to one of its legendary parties!