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Home Watch Services

LiveTheLifeinEcuador  | February 27, 2015

At LIVETHELIFE, we strongly believe that vacation homes should be places where people can relax, be free of stress and worry, and simply enjoy everything about life. Vacation homes should never be a source of stress for their owners, especially during times when they are away. One of LIVETHELIFE’s goals is to provide clients with peace of mind each time they’re away from their homes.

If you own a vacation home in Ecuador, or are simply planning to leave your home for an extended period of time, we at LIVETHELIFE can provide you with all the services you need in order to maintain and keep your home and all of its amenities in tip-top condition. We can schedule frequent, thorough property inspections to make sure everything’s in order, and no problems occur in your home. During each inspection, we’ll go over every inch of your home to ensure everything is properly functioning.

Here are a few of the things we do during home inspections:

• Check for any plumbing issues, see if faucets are running, and toilets are properly flushing.

• Clear any signs of prolonged absence such as newspapers, flyers (we can set these aside for you, if you prefer), debris caused by weather, and other items.

• Go around your home’s perimeter, and check if everything in your property’s exterior is undamaged and secure.

• Conduct a thorough, room-by-room inspection, checking for damage to any walls, ceilings, and floors.

• Look for any signs of pest infestation, water damage, and other issues that may prove to be a headache if left unaddressed.

• Inspect all cooling, heating, and water systems, and see if everything’s functioning properly.

• Take note of any potential maintenance issues, and notify you immediately before they turn into bigger problems.

We’ll provide you with a detailed and in-depth report after each home inspection, and will send you photos and descriptions of any potential issues and damage that may need to be addressed. From there, we’ll work with you closely, providing you with different options and coming up with an ideal course of action in order to deal with the issues effectively and efficiently. In case certain problems need to be dealt with immediately, all we need is your authorization, and we will handle the problem in a manner that’s both timely and professional. During weather disturbances like thunderstorms, you may also call on us to make sure your house is secure before the storm hits, and will check for any damage afterwards.

Our home watch services are very customizable. You can decide on the frequency of inspections, dictate specific instructions, and ask us to prioritize any room, feature, amenity, or system in your home. You may also give us instructions regarding any special devices or objects you may want to look out for. Our comprehensive service also includes irrigation, utility bills payment, swimming pool service, and cleaning and maintenance.

We can guarantee to look out for your home the best way we can, so you can be at ease even if you’re thousands of miles away.