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Getting around in Ecuador

LiveTheLifeinEcuador  | February 25, 2016

Get out of the comfort zone of your place in Ecuador and experience the outside world.

By bus

One of the cheapest ways of getting around Ecuador is to take the local bus, which also offers you a slice of local life.

Larger cities like Quito offer an extensive bus service that will take you to your desired destination. In Quito, for example, the “trolebus,” a trolley-like bus that runs on separate tracks, will take you around the city. Other types of buses in Ecuador include the busetas (22-seater and the fastest choice) and the autobus, its more comfortable and air-conditioned sister. For long distance travel, take the autobus de lujoor luxury bus, which leaves regularly, day and night. Just don’t forget to book your ticket before your trip.

By train

In contrast to Ecuador’s extensive bus services, train travel in the country is very limited. The most functional train that you can take is from Quito to El Boliche, but if you’re feeling adventurous, take the route called the “Devil’s Nose,” which will take you from Riobamba to Sibambe. You can also take the train and travel in the northern highlands via the Ibarra to Primer Paso route.

Although train travel in Ecuador is limited, train rides in this tropical paradise are a real treat.

Getting Around

By taxi

In most Ecuadorian towns, you’ll find yellow taxis that will take you to your desired destination. Most of these cabs operate on a fixed-fare system, though, while Quito has metered taxis. Fare usually costs around $1 – not bad, but don’t be afraid to haggle especially if you’re traveling longer distances.

By air

If you want to avoid Ecuador’s serpentine road network, take an airplane – it’s quick, convenient, and rather inexpensive. Up above on a clear day, you can enjoy unobstructed views of volcanoes and rainforests. Domestic carriers in the country include Icaro, VIP, Aerogal, and TAME. Meanwhile, local charters and small-scale companies operate on the coast and in the Oriente region.

If you want to know more about transportation in Ecuador, even to the roads less travelled, check out this great article by Rough Guides.

If you ever need assistance in travelling around Ecuador, don’t hesitate to contact us at We provide airport transfers as well as auto purchases. See you in paradise!