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Finding rentals in Lentag, Ecuador

LiveTheLifeinEcuador  | July 11, 2016

Lentag is a town located less than 350 miles south of Quito. Surrounded by views of refreshing open space, deep valleys, and breathtaking mountain slopes, this quiet little village is a paradise for outdoor lovers, nature enthusiasts, or anyone looking to relax while breathing in the fresh mountain air.

Although the town is mostly surrounded by nature, it offers plenty of convenience as well. It is less than an hour away by car from Cuenca, and just around four hours away from Guayaquil, Ecuador’s largest city and busiest commercial district. Lentag is also situated close to nearby communities such as Giron, San Fernando, and Santa Isabel Canton.

Rentals in Lentag

Due to its overwhelming abundance of enjoyable outdoor activities and beautiful natural destinations, Lentag has become famous for many tourists from all over the world.

With its breathtaking landscapes and endless wonders to explore, you’ll need a comfortable place where you can rest and refuel, so you can plan your next activities. Luckily, there’s a superb selection of rental options in Lentag to choose from, ranging from cozy 2-bedroom apartment units to rustic ranch-style properties surrounded by acres of space, and nearly everything in between.

The best part is many of the rentals are very affordable, some of them costing as little as $400 a month.

Here are a few examples of properties available for rent in Lentag:

  • Fully-furnished single-family homes with 1 to 3-bedrooms, located conveniently close to a great selection of shops, restaurants, and transit hubs.
  • Rustic villas with spacious and well-designed interiors, high-speed internet, and panoramic views of lush, rolling landscapes.
  • Stylish 4-bedroom homes with features such as hardwood floors, rustic interiors, large bedrooms, and resort-style swimming pools.
  • Vacation homes perfectly suited for relaxation, with features such as al fresco dining areas, large kitchens, and sweeping mountain and forest views.
  • Large estates surrounded by over two hectares of space and unforgettable views of forested hills and majestic mountains.
  • Comfortable 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom homes on organic farms, perfect for soaking in the lush views and fresh mountain air.

Live the Life Lodge in Lentag

If you’re searching for the perfect accommodation in Lentag, Live the Life has its very own lodge located at KM 54.820 Giron Passage, Lentag.

Our lodge is perfect for short stays or extended vacations for those who want to explore the many beautiful destinations in Lentag. It offers the perfect blend of comfort and privacy, with comfortable bedrooms and first-class features and amenities such as a sauna, a swimming pool with snack bar, a Jacuzzi, a volleyball court, fish ponds, and organic garden and seed store, and lush gardens.

In addition, we also arrange trips for visitors who want to see some of Ecuador’s most stunning destinations. We can help schedule trips to attractions such as the El Chorro Waterfalls of Giron, Laguna de Busa, the Mountain of San Pablo, the markets of Giron and Santa Isabel, and the Complejo Arquelogico of Carachula above Santa Isabel.