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Expat Guide to Renting & Rental Accommodations in Cuenca, Ecuador

Moving to Ecuador doesn’t have to involve purchasing residential real estate. You might want to consider it in the future, but for now, why not rent a nice home while you prepare for the big investment?

Rentals are quite popular and plentiful in every major Ecuadorian city — you can even find such real estate gems in smaller towns and villages. Wherever you choose to rent, know that homes in Ecuador offer great value for money.

Cuenca, Ecuador Rentals

Cuenca is a top destination for expats and retirees as it is a melting pot of arts, culture, and culinary adventures. Add the relative peacefulness of the city compared to centers like Guayaquil and Quito and you’ve got the best city in the world to retire in, according to an article by International Living in 2011. Although it’s been some time since that article was published, locals and expats currently living in Cuenca all agree that it’s a fine place to live.

The main attraction, however, is Cuenca’s collection of inexpensive rentals. Although demand has continuously increased for the past few years, rent figures remain affordable throughout the city. They have gotten a bit expensive compared to past numbers, but still considerably cheaper than rentals in other parts of the globe.

Renting in Cuenca is also made easier through the help of various real estate services that cater to foreigners looking to retire in the city. This is especially great for those who don’t speak a single word of Spanish. One of these firms is LIVETHELIFE — we can help you locate an apartment in the Cuenca neighborhood of your choice.

Some gentle reminders

  • Rentals are pretty inexpensive in Cuenca, but at least get a good idea of how much a home should cost in the city. Gringo prices are different from prices offered to locals — they’re a bit higher but still well within your budget of, say, $500. If landlords are advertising a rental in English, the preferred market is expats.
  • You don’t need to be fluent in Spanish asap, but learn the Spanish equivalent of certain words and phrases common in Cuenca real estate. Se renta means for rent, while arriendos is Spanish for leases. Watch out for amueblada, which means the rental is furnished. You can also use your browser’s Translate feature.
  • Explore the neighborhood. Cuenca is a city of labyrinthine cobbled passageways that lead to neighborhoods with their own unique appeal. Consider your lifestyle and explore Cuenca’s neighborhoods to work out which area works best for your needs and preferences.
  • If you don’t have a place yet, rent a room. Some expats come to Cuenca without a place to stay for the long-term. There are plenty of rooms for rent available throughout the city where you can touch base while looking for the perfect rental home. It’s more affordable than staying in a hotel, and you have the liberty to cook your own food.
  • Meet Cuenca’s community of expats. Having lived in the city for quite some time, these people will most likely help you determine where to stay and point you to some great referrals.

Cuenca Real Estate for Rent – Cuenca, Ecuador Real Estate

Fortunately, LIVETHELIFE offers services for expats like you. Check out our listings and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. See you in paradise!