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Benefits of living in Lentag, Ecuador

LiveTheLifeinEcuador  | November 17, 2015

The small town of Lentag is often overlooked by tourists looking for mainstream thrills, but very well-loved among travelers in the know of the best, hidden Ecuadorian secrets. Here are some reasons why Lentag will make you fall in love and even make you want to stay forever.

1. Lentag is blessed with a perfect climate.
You can fulfill your dreams of living in a tropical paradise in Lentag, a place that enjoys hot summers, cozy rainy weather, and a pleasantly mild climate all year round. The climate in Lentag is classified under the Köppen climate classification system as tropical moist, which allows its local flora to bloom and grow beautifully. Annual precipitation can reach up to 530 mm but just think of the heavens watering the bounties of Lentag. You’ll benefit from it.


Lentag is a perfect place to find yourself and reconnect with the world.

2. A lush, tropical landscape.
If you want to “eat, pray, and love,” Lentag is a perfect place to find yourself and reconnect with the world. Its lush, tropical setting surrounded by the slopes of the Ecuadorian Andes provides a backdrop that is perfect for meditation and relaxation. If you’re itching for adventure, however, the next item will excite you.

3. There are plenty of recreational opportunities.
Whether you’re interested in extreme sports or cultural and artistic endeavors, living in Lentag lets you live in close proximity to such recreational opportunities.

Parque Extremo is a favorite among vehicle sports enthusiasts. Ride like a pro, whether you’re into F1, rallying, or motor cross. The town of Giron is also a short drive away – the place is popular for the El Chorro waterfalls. The cultural center of Cuenca is located farther up north, but a trip worth taking. San Fernando’s scenic Laguna de Busa is located west of Lentag.

Biking is also a popular activity in Lentag – the town is home to a network of trails that can accommodate bikers of all skill levels. Hiking is also another recreational pastime in the area.

4. A slower pace of life.
Basically, Lentag offers an opportunity for expats as well as travelers to enjoy a slower pace of life in Ecuador. Its warm and friendly people, delectable local fares, and scenic beauty make it an ideal place where you can enjoy the simple things in life to the fullest.