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Benefits of living in Cuenca, Ecuador

LiveTheLifeinEcuador  | November 13, 2015

The cultural heart of Ecuador, with its high-altitude location and well-preserved identity, may very well be what your soul is craving. What are the benefits of living in Cuenca? We’ve compiled a list of things that make life quite worthwhile in this historical city.

Cuenca as seen from the west

Cuenca as seen from the west

1. No pollution can contribute to a clean bill of health.
Located high up the Ecuadorian highlands, Cuenca’s environment is clean and safe. There is no shortage of fresh air for you to breathe – a startling contrast when compared to other bustling South American hubs.

2. Inspiration is everywhere.
Once the playground of esteemed philosophers, artists, poets, and writers, Cuenca serves daily doses of inspiration to its residents. If you’re a writer experiencing the much-dreaded block, take a stroll through Cuenca’s network of historic streets and get inspired. The same get be said for aspiring painters and artists who feel like they’re stuck in an artistic hellhole. Use Cuenca’s well-preserved historic buildings and rich culture to fuel your next project.

3. Stressful city life in Cuenca? Impossible.
While we can’t vouch that you won’t be completely impervious from stress as it is the effect of so many factors, you don’t need to worry about the usual city stresses that plague the residents of urban centers. If you need a breather, just go to one of Cuenca’s well-maintained and scenic parks to refresh your mind and just enjoy your surroundings.

4. It’s the place to satiate your Ecuadorian food cravings.
Food culture is alive and thriving in Cuenca. Cuenca’s streets are lined with restaurants serving up authentic Ecuadorian fare everyday – it’s practically a foodie’s paradise! If you’re also in the mood for intercontinental flavors, some of Cuenca’s dining establishments serve international cuisine (which is great, if you’re dealing with a case of homesickness).

5. The city is home to a warm community of expats.
Speaking of homesickness, sometimes we just want to talk to people who, one way or another, relate to our experiences. Cuenca is home to a vast number of expats who are always welcoming of new people who have decided to make the city their new home. Did we mention Cuenca is cheap, too? But you probably know that already, don’t you? After all, it’s one of the city’s biggest draws.

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