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The artisans of Cuenca, Gualaceo, and other towns in Ecuador

LiveTheLifeinEcuador  | January 5, 2016

Along with the world-class organic goods Ecuador exports throughout the globe, the country also boasts exquisite art, apparel, and other products handcrafted by many skilled indigenous artisans.

Ecuadorian artisans have mastered their craft over the past 200 years or more, passing down their skills and knowledge to succeeding generations. Many of the traditional methods practiced in the past are still used to this day.

Tourist guides and travel books will point you to the direction of Plaza de los Ponchos in Otovalo if you’re looking for the finest artisan products, but this isn’t the only place where you can find unique crafts…


Ecuador ArtisansIn Cuenca, you can find a number of craft shops along Gran Colombia and Benigno Malo Street selling artwork and souvenir items that include carvings, ceramics, basketwork, jewelry, embroidered apparel, painted wood, and woven accessories. Visitors can also shop for unique leather items in the stores along Simón Bolivar, the street parallel to Gran Colombia.


The charming rural village of Gualaceo is known for producing fine artisan crafts. The town is home to two well-known markets that produce a variety of beautiful handcrafted products. Drop by the textile shops and observe the artisans’ expert use of the back strap loom and horizontal loom. You can also see them use a Hispanic technique known as “Ikat” to create shawls, ponchos, rugs, and scarves.

San Bartolome

Head to San Bartolome, a town located below the majestic Andes Mountains. In addition to the marvelous views, you’ll get to see the unique process used by talented artisans to create guitars.


The town of Chordeleg is known throughout the country for producing elaborate ceramic, gold, and silver jewelry. The local artisans are experts in filigree work made out of gold and silver threads.

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