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Medicinal Tourism

If you haven’t noticed, medical industry prices have continued to rise every year and this price increase has sparked a new industry for medical tourism in Ecuador. Many are flocking to South America to get their medical needs taken care of at an affordable price. More specifically, many Americans now live in Ecuadorian cities, such as Lentag, Cuenca and Puerto Lopez for reasons such as affordable living, great people and great weather.

Medical tourism in Ecuador offers a number of different treatments for those who choose to visit and use services there. Medical services listed by the Ecuador Medical Tourism Association include: alternative medicine, cardiology, cosmetic surgery, dental surgery, eye surgery, gastroenterology, gynecology, hair loss, hearing loss, Neurology, obesity surgery and orthopedic surgery.

As the current medical conditions of Americans in their retirement years continue to get worse, a handful of seniors and non-seniors are seeking alternative treatments which will allow them to live a life of health and vitality rather than a life full of drugs and surgery. When people see their health as well as the health of their friends and family rapidly deteriorate in their later years, they realize they want something different for themselves – hence the need for medical tourism in Ecuador. Many US citizens are taking advantage of the benefits of a burgeoning medical tourism industry along with the internationally trained medical physicians on staff.

Medicinal Tourism | Living the Life in Ecuador

Medical tourism in Ecuador is a sizeable industry and there are providers who can help you plan out your entire trip. Their main goal is to help you have a great medical procedure and have a great experience in Ecuador. They believe a good state of mind will aid you in your recovery and healing process. Additionally, these companies who provide medical tourism services in Ecuador make sure you are comfortable from the time they pick you up at the airport, to your surgery and post op, during your tours of the country and finally up to your departure.

There are additional reasons why people from the United States are flocking to South America for medical treatment. For example, in the United States the number one cause of bankruptcy is medical bills and is predicted to affect 2 million Americans. Furthermore, the rise of medical bill costs has outpaced bankruptcies caused by both credit cards and the inability to pay mortgages. Even people with insurance are still being forced to declare bankruptcy due to medical care. As an alternative to bankruptcy, those affected by cancer, heart disease, arthritis, stroke, hip problems, respiratory disease, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, kidney disease and diabetes have decided to take advantage of medical tourism in Ecuador as a viable option.