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2016 is still a good year for buying real estate in Ecuador

LiveTheLifeinEcuador  | February 29, 2016

View of Cuenca, Ecuador

View of Cuenca, Ecuador

2016 looms as another good year for Ecuador’s real estate market.

That’s because this country in South America is again on the list of International Living Magazine’s “Best Places to Retire.”

Ecuador placed second to Panama, which scored 93.5 points, or a mere 1.1 points away from the Latin American country’s 92.4 rating.

An extraordinary place to live

The numbers, so International Living Magazine says, is much more accurate this year, because it is based on a more comprehensive study.

Researchers didn’t just rely on graphs and digits. They also caught up with more expatriates and got them to share their experiences about living in Ecuador.

Ecuador scored high in 10 categories, including Buying and Renting, Benefits and Discounts, and Climate, where it earned the most number of points .

Top two cities

The capital city of Quito, laidback Cuenca and the town of Cotacachi are considered among Ecuador’s best places to live in.

Captivating beachfront homes and affordable agricultural lands are easy to find.

The country teems with beautiful places and smiling people ready to help you in any way they can.


Where else can you find scenic mountains with snow-capped peaks, beaches, jungles, and diverse islands all in one charmingly compact area?

Some of the most breathtaking nature spots are just a leisurely walk away from wherever you happen to be.

Sunny weather ideal for outdoor sports, simply limbering up, and other healthy activities are a source of joy the whole year round.

Those who go for affordable living have many reasons to choose Ecuador. Budget-friendly beautiful homes with scenic views greet you at every turn.

Now’s the best time cash in on Ecuador’s booming real estate market.

To get you started, explore this site and see a wide array of prime property listings as well as guides and materials..

Estates in the following destinations will win your heart:

Ecuador’s cultural heart and soul is rich in architectural wonders, beautiful churches and colonial style piazzas. Modern amenities make this city an amazing blend of tradition and innovation.
Housing options include:

✔Condo units with a spectacular city and mountain views

✔3-story homes

✔Garden homes in a gated community

✔Spacious single-family homes on prime riverside lots

Check out more real estate in Cuenca.

Ecuador’s elite live in this paradise filled with sculpted landscapes and other for natural wonders. No wonder outstanding restaurants and entertainment, quality water, power and telephone facilities and a highway are found here. Don’t let its powerful residents and modern amenities deceive you, though. Homes in this peaceful place are easy on the pocket.
Real estate options include:

✔Vacation homes and estates

✔3-bedroom single family homes with acreage

✔Land with irrigation

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This little town, with its lush open areas and magnificent mountain slopes, is best known for its bucolic appeal. Residents enjoy peace and quiet in this haven, where stress is unknown and the living is easy.
Real estate options include:

✔Vacation homes and estates

✔3-bedroom single family homes with acreage

✔Land with irrigation

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